Berkshire Domme Duo – Valentines Day

Berkshire Domme Duo – Valentines Day fantasy fulfilled for a naughty Sub

Valentines day is a day that all Slaves and Subs adore worshipping their Mistresses and some are lucky enough to have two or more!

Watford Domme Duo

Today Mistress Sin and I fulfilled a Valentines fantasy for a lucky Slave. He arrived with chocolate and champagne and expensive silk stockings – for the three of us to all wear.  We made our Sub sit and sniff a pile of our worn panties whilst we melted the chocolate down until we had two bowlfuls of delicious melted chocolate – one milky white and one a deep rich dark chocolate.

Mistress Sin and I put a dashing little collar and lead onto our little Sub Harris, then laid down a PVC sheet over the bed and then stripped out of our PVC and sexy thigh high boots. We took it in turns to drizzle the scrumptious chocolate over each others bodies. Milky white for me and darker chocolate for Mistress Sin who prefers the darker things in life! I coated Mistress Sin in the dark chocolate and then pulled Harris by his lead and ordered him to worship Mistress Sin and lick the chocolate from her body. A few times I pushed his head down into the mixture and made sure his face was in her bottom and between her impressive bust. I think Harris was in absolute Heaven! Is this what they call Death By Chocolate!

Then it was my turn and I demanded extra chocolate on my toes. As Harris sucked my toes into his mouth I pulled his lead tighter making sure he complied with my every demand. I must say he was very thorough and didn’t miss a single drop. He must really love chocolate!

Watford Domme Duo

Next Miss Sin and I took sips of champagne then dribbled it out of our mouths onto our Sub below who lay bound in rope on the floor. Some we dribbled into his mouth and some onto his body. We giggled at him and told him that he was not allowed to use a glass. Then we ordered him to kiss our feet whilst we drank champagne. It was quite amusing watching him trying to kiss our feet whilst bound at the wrists and ankles. He looked like a silly snake wriggling on it’s belly!

To finish off, Sub poured a bath for Miss Sin and I with pink fizzing and sparkly bath bombs. We slipped into the beautiful pink and sparkly water and drank champagne whilst Harris our Sub carried out his duties and washed us with a sponge.

When we were all clean and sparkly once more, Harris dried us and helped us back into our corsets. We decided that he had been a good little Slave so allowed him to bash off into a pair of worn panties.

Watford Domme Duo

Afterwards he cleaned up and tidied leaving everything spick and span. We each gave him a kiss on the cheek and gave him a pair of our panties to take home as a momento from his Valentines date with a naughty Berkshire Domme Duo.

Princess Kaz xx

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