Slave’s Humiliation In Reading

My pain slut sissy longed to be abused and utterly humiliated. This is what happened on a rainy afternoon in Reading….


I guided him into my lair and ordered him to strip. He complied knowing that resistance would be both futile and dangerous. Pushing him roughly into the chair I tightly bound his wrists and ankles ensuring that escape was not an option.

He shivered with apprehension, the hairs on the back of his neck raising. The Slave started to tremble a little and I smiled with appreciation, mocking him with my eyes.  I allowed him one last look at my straining cleavage bound tight in PVC and laces and then removed the privilege with the addition of a leather blindfold. Slave was my plaything now, my toy with which to amuse myself. I moved around and could tell he was trying to sense my location. I took hold of my flogger and trailed the leather fronds up his legs and over his thighs, teasing his crotch. His member reacted unwillingly and twitched as it made contact with my flogger.

“Looks like Slave can’t control his naughty penis.” I teased. “Perhaps it needs to be punished.” I brought the flogger down on his crotch and laughed cruelly as he squeaked and flinched.

“Call yourself a pain slut!” I mocked. “That was nothing! I told you that you needed regular training to please your Mistress.”

I attached a metal clamp to each nipple. He groaned in pain and I saw his little member stand on end again with excitement. Next time I would make him wear tight lace panties to restrict it and remind him of the little pussy he was.

“Mistress I am sorry” he moaned in misery. “I will try harder. Anything to please you. I know I need more severe punishment.”

This was music to my ears and I stroked his face with my leather glove…whilst twisting his balls with my free hand.

“Thank you Mistress.” he croaked.

I attached 3 wooden pegs to my slaves balls and added a dash of deep heat. We wouldn’t want slave getting cold after all! He accepted the punishment with only the slightest flinch. I was impressed…not much, just a little.

“Can I relieve myself later Mistress?” He asked. I slapped him across the face for his forwardness. “That will be my decision and it depends on your compliance.” I warned.

“Yes Mistress. Thank you Mistress.” he replied hurriedly.

I then placed a paper bag over slaves head with air holes.  I wanted to deprive his senses and allow him to focus more on the physical sensations. Then I turned the light out and left him alone for 5 minutes. On my way out I teased “I may not be back for a good hour.” I knew this would both thrill him and make him panic. The vulnerable state he was in – tied to a chair naked, unable to see or hear properly would heighten his sense of fear.

When I returned to the room Slave sat more upright in the chair.

“Yes it’s me Slave, aren’t you pleased to see me.”

“Yes! It felt like forever without you Mistress.”

I teased my slave with my flogger, amused by his growing excitement. He looked like he was set to explode so I laid off from the stimulation and whispered in his ear. “You are at my mercy. What if I was to let someone else in this room? I could do anything I wanted to you.”

“Oh Mistress! I would hate that and love that so much!”

I untied my slave and removed the bag, blind fold and ties and told him that from now on he would only be allowed to relieve himself with his arse filled, so that he would always remember what a little cock hungry bitch he was. The brainwashing would begin.

I dressed my sub into beautiful black silk stockings and a matching suspender belt. Then I slid a tight pink mini skirt up over his hips. Finally I added a long brunette wig and ordered him to bend over. I spanked my slave until his bottom was a beautiful hue of scarlet and each time he emitted the most perfect girly moan which he knew pleased me immensely.

Next I commanded him to crawl onto the bed on all fours as I donned my strap on. I rubbered up and then looked at him expectantly. Words were not needed. He opened wide and took my dildo in his mouth, moaning in excitement and taking it deep in his mouth. I took a hold of his head and pushed it down in encouragement. Slave struggled a little but did well. He was a champion cocksucker.

“Time to be my bitch slave. Are you ready for my lovely large strap on in your slutty bum?”

“Yes Mistress, thank you thank you. I am hungry for cock!”

Slave spun around and I lubed up my rubber cock and started to feed it into his expectant bottom. It slid in with ease and slave started to buck back on it which he knows I like.

“Permission to inhale some poppers Mistress?” he asked hopefully.

“Permission granted based on good behaviour.” I replied cordially.

Slave reached for his jar and then deeply inhaled the aroma. His body softened, he relaxed back onto my strap on and started to moan a more high pitched sound for me.

I threw my sub a second dildo whilst I saw to his bottom, entering him deep and thrusting. He took the dildo and began to slurp.

Slave tasting a lovely dildo

“Isn’t it lovely to be spitroasted by your  Mistress Slave?” I asked softly.

“It’s the best thing in the world Mistress.”

Slave was trembling and on the edge I could tell.

“Slave tell me how much you love cock and what a little bitch you are and I might just let you come.”

“Mistress, I am a greedy cock sucking whore. I am a dirty slut who wants it in the arse. I love your Strap on Mistress!”

“Not good enough.”

“Mistress I am your slut. I will do anything for you. Take anything. I live to serve you and live to take cock.”

This pleased me a great deal and I gave slave permission to touch himself.

His hand started to move slowly up and down. He was right on the edge but I could tell he would be embarrassed further if he came within seconds. Eventually the stimulation became too much for him and he cried out and then collapsed on the bed, the strength of his climax using all reserves of his energy.

“Well done slut” I rewarded him. “Your anal slut training is coming along particularly well. I feel that you excel in this area.”

“Thank you Mistress.”

“Although, your pain threshold was well below par today? Did you have a late night perhaps. Be sure to get a decent amount of sleep and eat well. I expect better from you next time and won’t be as accommodating”

“Thank you Mistress. I will do the very best I can.”

I decided that Slave would wear my panties home under his clothes once he’d cleaned up. A nicely humiliating reminder of what a dirty girl he was at heart!

Princess Kaz

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