Make Up Guide For Sissies

I often get sent photo’s from Sissies who have done their own make up and it’s obvious that some of them need a little help. After all most sissies want to look feminine and not like Krusty the clowns little sister. I am putting together this basic Make Up Guide For Sissies to help all those aspiring Sissies out there to nail that sexy pout, smoking eyes and get the look that they have always dreamed of! The following blog will tell you which products you will need, some brand recommendations and advice on how to apply.

Natural make Up

First of all set a budget. If you have a fairly decent sized budget and would prefer more high end make up which is great for photo’s, I would recommend MAC as it is absolutely superb and doesn’t wear off as quickly as other brands.  You can visit the MAC store or buy online if easier.

If you are on a tighter budget you can get everything you need from Boots and Superdrugs. Brands like L’Oreal, Maybelline and Max Factor are very affordable and do good products. Avoid going to cheap  – brands like Collection 2000 do really cheap products and whilst they might be fine for a thirteen year old, they really don’t apply well or last long.

What Products Will I Need?

You will need the following:

Face primer

Smashbox Photofinish £28 is great with a lovely texture and smooths skin perfectly  or for a good budget primer Maybelline Baby Skin Pore Eraser £7.99

A good primer will help your make up glide on, plus it will give you a good even base and hide any enlarged pores or patchy skin.


Personally MAC studio sculpt is my absolute favourite but it’s not cheap at £28 for a tube. It does last a long time though! It’s probably slightly harder for a male to go into a store and get a colour match, so you might want to pick an intelligent foundation that adjusts to your skin such as L’Oreal True Match £9.99.  This is a great option and will help you avoid looking like an orange munchkin or Caspar the ghost if you get the shade wrong.

The best way to apply foundation is with a damp make up sponge. Get these in Superdrugs £4. Apply all over the face in sweeping motions, little by little and blend. Blend down into the neck so you don’t have an obvious line around your jawline. You want to look naturally gorgeous darling and don’t want to make any classic schoolgirl errors  – hee hee!

Allow a minute for your foundation to dry and then lightly dust your lids and under eyes with loose powder to absorb any stray make up that might slip later.


Eye Shadow Colour Guide

Choosing the perfect shade can be tricky. I’ve seen a lot of sissies opt for blue which is very hard to carry off and can give you an uncanny resemblance to Dame Edna. Stick with neutral shades such as beige, brown or greys or soft pinks. Also your eye colour should dictate your eyeshadow. You want your lids to pop out so always contrast your eyeshadow with your eye colour so green and green is a no no as is blue and blue. If you are in your 40’s and 50’s avoid anything overly sparkly as it can enhance the wrinkles in the skin. A matte finish is more flattering.

The best thing to do is buy a good eye shadow palette such as Urban Decay Naked Smokey £38.50 or MUA makeup palette £4 and experiment with different shades.

Avoid applying dark colours over the whole lid. Just below the brow should be highlighted and colour should be swept over the lid and blended gently into the socket.

You’ll need a good set of brushes for blending and can pick these up in Super drugs or if you want to spend a little Boots No:7 or Mac are good options.


Liquid liner is very fiddly, so if you are a beginner opt for a kohl pencil. Must eyeliners are pretty much of a muchness and Rimmel will do for this. You can pick these about for around £3.

Start with the outer corner of your lash line and sweep across to the other corner of you eye. If you do mess this up have some cotton buds on standby so you can just smudge the line a little for a smoky effect.


Spider Wearing Boxing GlovesMaybelline is a mascara that gives plenty of lift and volume. I recommend the Falsies range (aprox £9.) You want to layer the colour one coat at a time and lift your lashes up as you wave the wand through your lashes. You can also brush under the lashes and gently weave the wand from side to side for extra thickness then neaten up afterwards. Avoid going overboard to quickly as you’ll get clumping and your lashes will look like spiders legs with boxing gloves on!



A powder will give a softer look and a pencil will give a more defined look.  Again I have found Mac do the best range of eye brow pencils but you can also wet your brush and dip into your eye shadow palette to experiment with different shades

Perfect Your Pout – Lips

You’ll need a lip pencil, lipstick and gloss (optional).

Choose your colour wisely. If you have very small lips or a very lined upper lip then overly dark colours will make your lips look smaller and will enhance the wrinkles on the upper lip. On the other hand if you go too light you could end up looking like wannabe glamour model Josie Cunningham -not a look you should aspire to achieve.

A lip brush can be handy for application. Personally I find them frustrating, slow and pointless. I’d rather apply straight from the tube unless I’m putting make up on someone else and using a lipstick I may use on others. This is for hygiene purposes, no other reason.


Josie Cunningham

This look will never be in fashion

If you have thin lips opt for a soft matt pink or bronze shade. I recommend Urban Decay, Mac and high street brands like L’Oreal.  Gloss adds a nice sheen to your lips too – dot in the centre and press you lips together to spread.


If you are looking to add volume Sexy MotherPucker do an amazing range of lip glosses that really plump your pout. This is the only one I have tested that actually works.


Glamour Make Up

Do you desire a dusky pink for an ultra girly look or do you long for the bronzed cheeks of a real glamour queen? Better yet buy a blush palette with both colours so you can try a few and so which suit you best.

Bourjois are great for individual colours (£8) or Urban Decay Naked Flushed (£25).

Now it’s time to rock your inner Goddess and be the sissy to make men’s jaws drop!




I hope you enjoyed reading my basic make up guide for sissies. Feel free to share your tips, questions and suggestions in the comments box below.