Face Sitting Fetish Interview

Comfort Face is a creative professional who works in the arts and hails from the Netherlands.  Today he shares with us his experience and views on various fetishes such as face sitting & his thoughts on censorship. This chap is extremely open and raises some very intellectual points about fantasy versus reality and prohibition. Read on to hear what he has to say!

There is a Freudian belief that fetishes begin with an early childhood or adolescent experience. What are your thoughts on this?

I’ve made fun of these beliefs quite often, but then I was shocked to find that they were true: many of my fetishes can be traced to a childhood or adolescent experience, even as early as when I was 3-4 years old.

Sigmund Freud Quote

Whoever would have thought that there was a science behind sexual tastes! So what was your first taste of fetish and what happened?

If you mean ever in my life, it was when I was a kid and my cousin and I started playing wrestling. I noticed that I enjoyed too much being pinned or trapped in a scissor hold. Feeling her weight on me was also exciting. I usually tried to provoke her so that we could play this game.

Oh you little scamp! 😉 When you are under a dommes power and you are being queened or facesat, what feelings does it stir in you other than arousal?

There are many sensations going on in that situation, apart from arousal, and each one affects different levels of your life.
Partly it feels like a psychological therapy. You see, I have been raised in a way where dignity was the most important thing and I have a tendency to be affected by what the rest of the world think about me. Two hours playing sub show me that I can be humiliated and nothing happens: the world keeps going round and the dommes still treat me with the same respect as before.
Partly it’s also a huge psychological relief if you can enact your own fantasies. Vanilla people are not aware of what a wonderful liberation it is. It also helps you balance your thoughts, because through experience you realise what fantasies are “realistic” (i.e. can be experienced harmlessly in real life, like an oral strap-on session), which ones aren’t (i.e. those who fantasise about being eaten alive), and which ones you simply can’t afford (i.e. if you have a trample fantasy but you have a fragile body).
Apart from that, I can describe the overall sensation only by resorting to almost poetic language: it’s fulfilment,  it’s feeling like “everything is in order”, like you are “one with the universe”. I guess it’s a great sensation of achievement.
If the domme genuinely enjoys, that’s of course an extra motivation for the sub. Nothing feels better than making your domme happy.

Black StrapOnThat’s one of the most beautiful explanations that I’ve ever heard and I have heard many.

Another point on reality and fantasy – On the internet dommes are portrayed as being very verbally aggressive and shout a great deal. As someone who has many years of experience with dommes what are your thoughts on how dommes are portrayed online and does this differ a great deal from reality in your experience.?

There is always a huge difference between “domme advertising” and how dommes actually behave. I suppose there has to be a difference. When a domme and a sub meet, both are “playing a scene”, no matter how real they keep it. Both expect mutual understanding and respect, even if the sub will allow being subject to humiliation or whatever his fetish is. The same as in theatre you see “suspension of disbelief”, in fetish you see “suspension of respect/manners”.
So dommes are portrayed as aggressive because a sub will look for a strong personality. However, after the “aggressive domme” gets your attention,  you will start checking if she shows her “human side”, because at the end of the day nobody (unless you are a suicidal masochist) wants to session with an insane sadist that will not respect your limits or your safe word. I can imagine there are few experiences worse than a bad fetish session. I would like to say I’m careful selecting the dommes I session with and till now the results have always ranged between good and excellent: they show amazing understanding of the psychological side of the d/s relationship, great communication skills and know how to make the sub at ease before the session. In fact, it is quite funny to see a lovely, tactful lady become a bitch in a second, LOL. I admire them because you really need a strong psyche to have such different personalities in the same mind and still they never get carried away.


Latex Clad BottomIndeed dommes are only human too! So, what thrills you about being submissive most of all?

I think it is making the domme happy. Research has proved that a woman’s laugh is extremely erotic for a man. The fact that you can see a beautiful lady in an extra sexy outfit and laughing is great, even if she’s laughing at you. For subs, it’s worth the effort. I guess it sounds pathetic, but I think it is true.

Of course, none of this would make sense if I didn’t feel great playing the submissive, so in all honesty, the answer should be “the pleasure I get from making the domme happy”.

You sound like the perfect slave! Describe your ultimate submission fantasy.

Ohh, this is a tricky one. I have already enacted some of my fantasies, but I guess there will always be some of them never fulfilled. I’d love to session with some amazing dommes and humiliatrices from the U.S.A. and Canada, because my chances to meet them are very limited. One of my favourite fantasies is having a sort of domme orgy, with several dommes and only me as a sub. The ladies would try to impress each other using their skills to humiliate me the most, by face sitting, trampling, and some other things I’m ashamed to mention even here.

Silhouette group of ladies



That sounds fantastically kinky. They must be very extreme if you can’t mention them here you naughty boy! Have you ever had a weird or uncomfortable experience with a dominant partner?

I never had a girlfriend who was dominant, so this question is not applicable to my personal life. If you mean with a professional domme, the answer is no. As I said,  I’m very careful when I choose a domme for a session. I’ve had some misunderstandings with some dommes, like requesting some fetish but the domme and I did not have the same concept fetish; anyway, this is sorted out by simply discussing it before the session. As always, clear communication is essential.

You mentioned you are undertaking some oral strap on training – can you take us through the process for those who are new to it.

It simply got on me. One day I started to find pictures of ladies with a strap-on very hot, so after a lot of hesitation I gave it a try and I must say it was awesome. The humiliation feeling is incredible.

Do you find it difficult to stick to your limits at times? Does excitement ever take over?

Sometimes it can lead you to widen your limits, but in general I try to stay under control, mostly out of respect for the domme. I wouldn’t like to let my dick take control and do something inconvenient or embarrassing for the domme.

In fact, I have had the opposite problem: asking for a fetish and then finding out that the real thing is not the same as when you fantasise about it.

You might be a sub but it sounds like you have mastered your mind. We live in a nanny state these days though where the consumer is treated as weak minded and vulnerable to corruption. With this in mind,  what are your thoughts on ATVOD/OFFCOMS laws that prohibit the publication in the UK of certain fetishes such as fisting/golden showers and most importantly face sitting?

Censorship MemeProhibition is simply stupid and censorship is intolerable. In Spanish we have an expression to describe such uselessness: “build a gate in the countryside”. You can’t close an area that is open by definition. The same happens with Internet: it is to big and people will always find ways to break the barriers. But this is only on the technical side. On the ethical side, I think it is simply absurd: you can see people being shot or burnt alive on TV in prime time, but if you want to see some face sitting, fisting or golden showers in the privacy of your room,  it turns out that  it is illegal? A consensual act that is bringing pleasure to both performers,  illegal? And live murder is ok? I will never understand why some people find violence more tolerable than sex.

Apart from that, it is also absurd because the Government can prevent the British dommes from publishing such material on the Internet, but then they are giving that market to the rest of the world, where the Government has nothing to say. The British public will still have access to that material… from non-British dommes.

I couldn’t agree more! I love your analogy of the countryside and your comment about business being sent abroad. Thank you for taking the time to have this chat with me, it’s been extremely insightful.