Berkshire Domination Mistress Presents – Katoptronophilia

Your Berkshire Domination Mistress explores how thrilling it can be to introduce play with mirrors into your sex life.

Mirror Mirror on the wall? Who’s the horniest of them all?

Hertfordshire Domination Mistress

Katoptronophilia is a fetish for mirrors or indeed masturbating or performing intercourse in front of a mirror.

Some may enjoy the view reflecting back at them as if it were there very own personal porn movie. Men are very visual and are turned on by imagery whereas women are more turned on by thoughts and concepts generally, so this fetish is often favoured by men, although of course not just limited to men.

You may have seen the scene in American Pyscho where the guy is having sex in front of the mirror. He is obsessed with his own image and admires himself flexing his muscles in the  mirror. His focus is himself rather than the women that he is performing with. For him the sexual turn on is the showmanship, how he looks and what he can do rather than being turned on by his partners. This is probably not to dissimilar from the fetish of masturbation in front of a mirror. Whereas some may masturbate quickly under a blanket feeling shameful, others may be aroused by witnessing the act. It is a form of exhibitionism that may feel safe as they are sharing the act only with themselves, or with a playmate they are interacting with.

I have known various Slaves that enjoy the use of mirrors. Often when a transformation takes plus such as turning them into a feminised sissy or a gimp wearing latex and a mask. The reflection of themselves under a new identity not only thrills them, but also serves as an escape into a world of fantasy where they can become someone else.  Also if they are partaking in activities which they would not normally do, it breaks down their boundaries and limits, as in their mind, it is not happening to them but to another character that they are role playing.

Mirrors can also serve to enhance humiliation play. One slaved I had dressed in frilly pink panties, a pink bra and wig with slut written on his face and chest in red lipstick. He was ‘made’ to watch himself simulate a sex act on my strap-on with his mouth. Everytime he turned his eyes away I would tell him to look in the mirror and realise what a dirty little slut he was. Another Sub would fiddle with himself in front of the mirror whilst I told him to study his ‘tiny little micro cock’. He was very much into being chastised for having a small penis (Small Penis Humiliation) so I would tell him to observe how small and insignificant his little dinky was, and that the only way he could ever gain pleasure from it would be to rub it in front of a strict, domineering Mistress. Every time I popped him in front of the mirror at the end of a session and fed him words like this, it would drive him wild with desire and would result in him reaching a very happy ending with his forefinger and thumb!

Mirrors can be a very exciting way to enhance sex play. You can see bits of your playmate that you might not normally get to see. You can see the passion and effect you have upon each other and observe things about yourself such as how you move and react to stimulation. It can make you more self aware – which can only serve to make you a better lover. Give it a go!

This fetish is completely safe – assuming you keep a safe distance from the mirror so it doesn’t crash onto you! Also avoid climbing onto a mirror. Sounds obvious but people can get carried away in the moment and do dangerous things.  If you use common sense this one is safe and completely inoffensive – enjoy!

Your Berkshire Domination Mistress – Princess Kaz X

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