5 Extreme Fetishes To Try

You may have recently read my blog ‘5 pain free fetishes to Try’ and thought it far too tame for your needs. So for all the submissive veterans and pain freaks I have compiled a list of 5 extreme fetishes t0 really push your limits and take you to the edge. Some of these fetishes are considered edge play and are not for the faint hearted so proceed with caution and always play safe with your play partner.

  1. CBT and Ball Stretching/Crushing.

CBT aka cock and ball torture can include slaps, flicks and strikes from various implements  (flogger/paddle/tawse/cane) to the cock and balls. They can be tied tightly to make them extra sensitive and increase the level of pain, but be sure to keep an eye on the skin turning a blueish hue or becoming cold to the touch. This means there is not enough blood circulation to the area and that the ties need to come off. Keep a pair of scissors handy in case of emergencies.

You can purchase special vices online which you tighten to crush the balls and cock (as always do this slowly and use a safe word so you don’t cause long lasting damage). If gadgets aren’t your thing you can simply have your domme step on your balls and apply pressure with her toes or heel. I have a sub who loves to have his bits stood on. The more I stand on them the harder his member gets and therefore the more it hurts! He can’t get enough of it!

Ball Crushing Vice

Ball stretching kits can be bought on line or you can use a tie and attach a small weight to the ropes to give a pulling sensation.

It’s up to you how far you wish to go with this but avoid anything that will cause long lasting damage such as cigarettes/fire mutiliation. If anyone does this to you and gives you permanent injuries it is assault – always play safe! You should hear some of the insane requests I have had for CBT. One sub asked me to put straighteners on his cock. I refused and explained that it would cause him severe burns and damage him forever. He hadn’t realised this! Be educated and research before you play. This will avoid any unfortunate accidents.  Wax play can be a great deal of fun and melted wax dripped over the cock can be pleasurable and a little painful.

2.Breathe Play

The domme controls the subs breathing. You can use your hands as hand gags for the nose and mouth or a clear plastic bag. A clear bag allows the domme to see the slaves face so he or she is aware if they have run out of breath. The slave should not be still or blue in the face. This is a highly dangerous game and great care must be taken to ensure the Slaves safety. NEVER under any circumstances leave your sub unattended or out of your sight with a bag on his head. Safety is paramount.


This involves using a steel rod and inserting into a slaves urethra in his penis. Some subs might find this extremely painful whilst others will find it stimulating and pleasurable. The key to success is to always use sterilised instruments, plenty of lube and start with a small rod and take it very slowly. If the sub feels too much discomfort the domme should cease activity with this fetish. Avoid rusty or broken equipment. The slave is placing a great deal of trust in his dommes hands with this and that trust should be respected at all times.

4. Nipple Torture

There are a lot of nerve endings in the nipples rendering them highly sensitive. You can easily cause pain to the nipples without doing damage. You might choose to use pegs – wooden ones are more severe than plastic! Or you can use clover clamps which pinch the nipple or even clamps that you can screw tighter. If you don’t have clamps then wooden pegs will suffice and you can increase the sensitivity by tweaking the nipples and pinching the peg each side. The longer they are on the more painful they will be. I don’t tend to leave extreme tight clamps on for extended periods, but you can make it more painful for the sub when the clamps are removed by flicking the nipples or brushing them with a crushed chilli pepper.

You can attach weights to the clamps if the sub enjoys pain play to add a different dimension and really keep him on his toes! It will hurt most when the pegs or clamps are removed as the blood will all rush back in suddenly and cause those nerves to really tingle! If you are using weights then add weight very slowly and inspect the nipples to make sure that the clamps aren’t cutting in. Ensure the clamps used are sterile, and free of rust and sharp edges.

Nipple Torture


5. Nettle Play

I class this as extreme play as the pain can be excruciating – but unless you have an allergy to nettles then it won’t cause any long lasting damage! The sub will simply just be left with a few itchy sore bumps for a few days. Did you ever catch your self on a stinging nettle? Well then you know how much one little sting can hurt! Imagine having nettle leaves brush over your nipples, cock, balls or backside. For some subs the idea of this is heavenly and they love the rush that comes with that stinging sensation as the nettle leaves come into contact with their skin. Crushing the leaves will ensure maximum pain and the domme will definitely want to wear latex gloves for this!

Nettle play is a great punishment for naughty slaves although it is a fetish best not used on those with partners   – that would take some explaining! Avoid the face and go for out of sight areas such as the genitals. Build this up slowly and slaves that have not done this before as a fetish should keep an anti-histamine to hand in case it becomes too unbearable.  The Slave will probably be thankful for a cool shower afterwards too!

I hope you enjoyed reading my list of more extreme fetishes. If you have any you would like to add then please leave your suggestions in the comments box.

Always play safe and enjoy!

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