30 Ways To Punish Your Slave

Perhaps you are a reader seeking a few ideas on how to punish your Slave, or perhaps you are a sub who is keen for some little tidbits to feed your Mistress when she is next feeling brutal. Whatever your situation here are a few scenarios and ideas that vary from mild to brutal which should wet your appetite! Whilst this list is written with a male slave in mind, many of the suggestions can of course be adapted to suit a female submissive.

  1. Allow your sub no eye contact and tell him to avert his eyes at all times. Or blindfold him.
  2. Is your sub due a good spanking? Have him hold a penny against the wall with his nose whilst you spank him and ravage his bottom. If the penny drops to the floor before the spanking is complete, start the spanking again from number 1.
  3. Give your slave a ruined orgasm (stop him from masturbating as he is just about to ejaculate and he won’t experience a full orgasm.
  4. Measure Slaves penis against your dildo’s. He must suck every dildo that is bigger than his little cock.
  5. Make slave eat dog food from a bowl.  Micro manage this, tell him whether he is allow to lick, nibble or chew. Spank him if he gets it wrong.
  6. Tie a light dangling weight to Slave’s balls. Hit the weight with your paddle every time he gets an answer wrong.
  7. Make Slave eat food directly off of the floor. Mush it up with your foot first and if you are feeling particularly mean spit in it.
  8. Take your Slave outside and tell him to put his face in the ground then rub his face in the dirt.
  9. Put your Slave in chastity for a few days. Tell him you have lost the key. Note: Try not to actually lose the key!
  10.  Slave may adore water sports and drinking your nectar so it’s not really a punishment…how about making him drink his own!
  11. Have Slave perform with a blow up doll. Be sure to mock his entire performance and abilities throughout with a look of scorn on your face. OR tell him that it was ‘a really good attempt’ in a condescending manner.
  12. Is you Slave hungry or thirsty? he may only drink water that you have spat out or food that you have already chewed.
  13.  Pop an ice cub in Slaves bottom and leave it to melt….or a piece of ginger, some tabasco or deep heat.
  14. Tell Slave he is going to get 150 spanks crops or whips…then have him poke his tongue out. Drip extremely hot chilli sauce onto his tongue and for every second he keeps his tongue out without asking for water you will remove one strike from the 150.
  15. Flush Slaves head down the toilet.

Slave's Head Being Flushed Down Toilet16.Hypnotise your slave to crave your strap-on and fantasise about it all the time.

17.If your Slave a real pain slut who is hard to punish? Fill your bath with stinging nettles and have him sit on them and mush them around.

18.Take your sub to a local bar. Once seated give him a bag of undies, stockings, suspenders a basque and a butt plug. He must go to the loos and insert the butt plug and dress into all the clothing under his outer clothes. If it’s a remote controlled butt plug even better. Set it off at inconvenient moments such as when a waiter is taking your order. Watch him squirm.

19.Take your sissy shopping. Ask the assistant if she has any panties that would fit him, of course explaining that he only has a tiny dinky so doesn’t need much space! Whilst your at it ask advice on dildo’s for his bottom. He’ll be blushing like a virgin lobster on his honeymoon.

20.If you have a private garden – force your sub to wet his pants then tie him up outside leaving him in his wet clothes. probably not one for below zero temperatures or his little icicle might freeze off!

21.Deny him privacy or the right to speak. Change his name to ‘thing’ or ‘turd’ or something lowly.

22.If Slave is keen to sample true imprisonment make sure you leave a lasting impression. Put him in his ‘cell’ nude with just a little prison standard blanket. Throw him only scraps of bread to eat and allow him to drink water (which you have spat in) from a doggy bowl.  Don’t allow him to speak, remove the lightbulbs and any other form of stimulation. Arrive frequently to interrogate him and beat him. At the end tell him you are going to release him and at the last minute change your mind and leave him stewing for a few more hours. Make a few threats along the way such as “I have a big black master who you are going to suck off later if you want to be released.

23. Strip slave naked and take him out into the garden. Shut the door and lock him out. Watch from the window with a nice hot cup of tea and a biscuit!

24.Have Slave do press ups, with a bed of nettles under his belly and crotch.

25.Attach a dildo to the wall and have slave mount it. If he can take it all the way he gets a minor punishment. If he doesn’t has to wear a butt plug for the next 24 hours.

26.Modify all of your subs pants. You may want to write things like ‘tiny cock’ or ‘slut’ in fabric pen all over them or you may want to put press on studs in them for a more scratchy sensation!

27.Rub nipple clamps with fresh chillies before you attach them to slaves nipples.

28…or put them in the freezer first for 3 or 4 hours!

29.Make Slave masturbate whilst watching gay porn. Punish him if he struggles.

30.Deny your slave any form of orgasm. Or if you want him to come only allow him to masturbate with some low grade sandpaper (low grade so he doesn’t remove all of his skin) and over something he doesn’t like such as granny porn for example. You know your slave better than I do so pick something that would be off putting to him!

I hope you have enjoyed my list and are able to implement some of these suggestions. It goes without saying that you should only ever practise these games with consenting partners! If you feel brave enough to try some of them – do let me know how you got on and leave a comment below!

Princess Kaz xx

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