Strap-On Training For The Novice

Strap On Training Reading. That is where it is at according to the kinky masses!

Strap-On Training in terms of Femdom refers to the act where a Mistress will use a strap-on (waist harness and dildo) attachment to simulate a sex act on a man, whereby the naughty Slave takes the lovely strap-on dildo in his botty!

This Will be Right Up Your Alley

Why do you need training? I hear some of you ask. Well, unless you are a pro it’s not so easy to just slip something large into your bottom. The backdoor has to be specially primed for this and that may involve warming it up with lube and some small beads, followed by toys in increasing sizes. This is rarely done all in one session, but in fact over time. After all the main goal here is generally pleasure, although some subs do enjoy being taking roughly with a strap-on as punishment. The skin in and around the rectum however is quite delicate so plenty of lube is necessary and if you are a complete novice to this you will definitely need a little training!

So why do some guys enjoy this?

Many reasons.


Primarily a man has a G spot in his bottom (called the prostate gland.) If stimulated, it produces another type of orgasm. There is no other way to achieve this orgasm than with anal stimulation.


Others find for them it’s a humiliating experience and it helps them to feel more Submissive. For them, submitting to their Mistress and agreeing to an act they find ultimately humility and which removes their masculinity – it is highly thrilling!

Mental/Physical Pain

Others many see this as a ‘wonderful form of punishment’. It’s the ultimate way for a female to assert her power over a male. To have him bend over and take her strap-on deep and hard! Instead of him taking on the masculine role, they switch and the female is empowered. Sometimes she might even tell him he is unable to F*** properly or needs to be shown how to, so therefore the only sex he is ever going to get is going to be in his arse!

There are many different levels of this and exploring is the best way to find out what your little heart desires! Talk it through first, if you arrive home with a 12 inch arse tickler and swing it around your head yelling to your significant other “Wayah how about it baby!” You might not get quite the response you had anticipated! Subtlety tends to be more favourable with better results.

A couple of tips – o0-er Missus

I would suggest buying a douche (£4.99 from Ebay or your nearest sex shop) and using the douche to clean yourself well beforehand. It will probably take you about 5 full squirts on the loo to ensure you are totally clean.

I have had a few Subs fail to do this in the past and when the dildo comes out absolutely coated in horrific faecal matter, I can tell you it’s a little bit off putting to say the least! Quick – get me a sick bag!

Always put a condom on your dildo for hygiene, wear latex gloves and have a carrier bag handy so you can just get rid of anything a bit icky straight away.

I have known some Dommes that were so annoyed with their Slaves inability to provide a clean tush, that they then forced the toy straight back into the Slaves mouth! For me however, this would be more than a little vomit inducing, so I prefer the plastic bag option! Plus you can always smother your Slave with it if he annoys you! (I’m joking, under absolutely no circumstances smother your Slave to death!)

6/10 Guys Enjoy Back Door Love In Reverse

I would say about 6/7 out of 10 of Slaves that visit me enjoy strap-on play – would you believe it!

One of my fondest memories was having a Slave dressed as a little Sissy when another domme and I spit-roasted him. He had one strap-on in one end and then other strap-on in his mouth. We played around asking him “Who’s the bitch motherfucker!” and he would reply saying “I’m in the bitch Mistress! I’m the bitch!” Of course I couldn’t resist probing him with this question once more, but in an attempt at a Samuel L Jackson voice (Pulp Fiction).  “Who Da Bitch Muvafuckah!” I just couldn’t resist the overwhelming urge!

Big Girls Don’t Cry

I was also doing a spit-roast on another slave in the past with a Domme friend of mine and we reduced the poor fella to tears as he felt “So humiliated!” We dried his eyes, patted him on the head and made him a cup of tea and a jammy dodger. He was quite fine after a little cuddle. Then more punishments followed for his useless Sissy ways! Most Subs tend to take it like little bitches quite well, or at least with some pleasure so I don’t expect to see any more tears any time soon.

Ae you ready for the challenge? I have varying sizes of Strap-Ons but I think my 18inch beast is the biggest challenges in the battle dome! Which size would you pick? Answers on a post-it note! Or the comment box below will do nicely! 😉

Here is one of my old Slaves from Birmingham getting a little bit of teasing punishment from myself (in red) with Tempest Raven prior to his Strap-On training! My Little Bitch Latex

Strap On Training Reading

Strap On Training Reading

Want to see the very first time I used a Strap-On on camera? You can see my first ever clip giving the Strap-On to an ex here: First Time I Gave The StrapOn On Camera Ten years on and I’m a bit more experienced mwahahahaha!

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