Reading Mistress Casts A Spell

Reading Mistress Casts A Spell – Fantasy realisation for my Sub and invoking the Universe to make him more Submissive.

Recently I had a Sub who wanted me to cast a spell on him to make him more Submissive! I’ve been approached for hypnosis before but never spell casting! I thought about it and decided that there would be no real harm in it as it wasn’t for malicious purposes so I agreed. I did a little research and found some interesting Wicca sites and got all my items together. I wanted to do this properly so prepped before hand and burnt some Sage incense which is said to purify the air and burn away negative energy.

Then I formed a circle using ropes and sprinkled salt around the circle which is said to keep the bad spirits out. I placed various clear quartz crystals at points around the circle on the floor to act as energy channels.

When my Sub ‘Sky’ arrived I had him shower straight away then return nude. I sat him in the centre of the circle and gave him a crystal to hold so he could be the centre for the energy. I lit white candles next and placed them all around the circle.

Then clad in sky scraper high black heels and a black PVC corset and skirt,  I walked around the circle to raise the energy and we called upon the elements and higher powers to bless the spell.

Reading Mistress Casts A Spell

I then had Skye recite an Incantation:

Now the candles are all lit

To Mistress Kaz I’ll Submit

I’ll follow her wishes every day

Princess Kaz I will obey

As he said he this he wrote on a piece of paper “I want to be completely submissive to Princess Kaz” then he placed the wish over the candle and burnt it until it turned black in the flame and his wishes spiralled into the air in a puff of smoke! Next he bowed his head low and sank closer to the ground.

I continued with some words of my own.

Meek and humble you shall be

From decision you’ll be free

I’m your Mistress you shall see

Submissive Slave, so mote it be.

Then walking round the circle I blew the candles out and thank the higher powers. Skye mumbled a thank you too.

We then dispensed with the circle and tidied up.

I decided to test the spell and see how successful it was. I handed Skye a paddle and told him to spank himself 6 times on the bottom. He took the paddle and gave himself a hard arse whooping much to my surprise. I had been expecting light wimpy spanks.

“Lick the carpet” I said. He knelt and licked the carpet.

“Stop!” I said “That’s disgusting!” He stopped immediately waiting for instruction.

Hmmm either he was very submissive  or the spell had worked.

I decided to fetch some items from the kitchen, ketchup, chocolate, mustard, tabasco and yoghurt.

I returned and seated myself above him then popped a little of these treats onto my feet and ordered him to lick it off. The chocolate went down a treat and he lapped my feet with glee. Then he gobbled the yoghurt off my soles. Ok I though lets try ketchup. He ate like a starving dog lapping it all up.

“Let’s see how you fare with mustard” I said.

I smeared the mustard over my skin and he lapped it greedily. I could tell he wasn’t enjoying this one but he gave me just as much enthusiasm as before.

“Now stick out your tongue.” I said.

He stuck his tongue out and I dropped the Tabasco onto it. “Hold it” I said.

He pulled a face but held it, then I ordered him to swallow.

“Is there anything you wont do for me?”

“No Mistress” he replied.

I decided against asking him to pull off a heist for me or break into Buckingham Palace, but I’ve decided to dream up some even more challenging tasks for him next time to see if the spell has really worked! Either way this was a really fun session.

Princess Kaz xx

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