Mistress Kaz Rates Your Pathetic Dinky

For some reason many simpering male slaves send me photo’s of their inadequate maggot-esque appendages asking for my opinion. “Is my willy small?” they ask? “Is it big?” I suppose some are hoping for some kind of form of validation, others are yearning to be humiliated, whilst some simply want to show off their little willies, regardless of the fact that they are not gifted in this department.

To be honest I don’t care to see penis photo’s. They don’t arouse me or add any value to my life. At best they can give me a snicker of amusement whilst I wonder what it must be like to have such a teeny tiny little excuse for a willy.

So lets put all this silliness aside and make a little game of it. For the first time ever I am actually inviting subs to send a photo of their shrivelled specimens! There are some rules to the game however and these are the conditions.

To enter the game you need to:

E-mail me a photo of your willy and tell me why you think it should be “Dinky Of The Week”. 

I need Your Slave name and a sentence about yourself. It can be funny, silly or bizarre….just try not to bore me too excessively! If you fail to amuse me then I will delete your e-mail and it will disappear into a huge cyber dustbin. If you manage to entertain me in anyway then I will include your willy pic in a ‘Dinky Of The Week’ Blog. Your little John Thomas could be famous! What better prize could you ever possibly hope for!!

So come on, it’s time to take out that todger, whip out the willy, snap that salami, punish that penis, slap the sausage, tug out the trouser snake and make your dong ding a celebrity in it’s own rate.

Extra marks awarded for creativity!

So go  – get ready to amuse me! k@kazb.co.uk

How Does Yours Measure Up?

Willy Chart