Mistress In Reading Presents ‘Ice Play’

Your Mistress In Reading brings you – Ice Play!

Ice Ice Baby

Ice play can be enjoyed on many levels. You might find the thought of freezing cold ice utterly repulsive and repugnant! But just picture this, you are lying in the blistering heat in the sun, or on a hot balmy night on your terrace. The waiter brings champagne on ice and pours you and your lover a glass each. As the waiter leaves you pop an ice cube into your mouth and then approach your partner for a sensual icy kiss. Or perhaps you tease it down his or her body. Next you trace the ice all other each others skin until it melts and you share a steamy kiss. This is a pretty mild form of ice play and indeed foreplay and can be very enjoyable in the right setting.

Be Chilled

On the flip side, if you approach your girlfriend on a freezing cold winters night mid East Enders and pop an ice cube down her top, you are more likely to get a frosty response and possibly a slap!

There are some who enjoy more extreme ice play.  I had one Sub who wanted me to pack a hundred large Ice cubes into his boxers around his boy bits and leave them there until they melted. He must have suffered a little with this one! Furthermore he had requested I create Ice Dildos for him which I did using a lollipop maker. Yes you guessed it – they were for his bottom! He took them like a trooper but not without shivering and flinching a little!

Snow Way!

More extreme still are those who love to roll around in the snow or take ice baths pre nookie! If you fancy taking the plunge and trying this fetish to an extreme level make sure you have warm clothes for afterwards and a nice hot drink!

With fetishes like these – sometimes less is more. Start small and build up! Why limit it to ice cubes, you can also have fun with flavoured ice lollies, ice cream or frozen yoghurt and nibble it from your play partner.

Mistress In ReadingPresents 'Ice Play'

Mistress In Reading Presents ‘Ice Play’

Merry Christmas Everyone from your Mistress In Reading, Princess Kaz!



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