Mistress In Berkshire Role Plays Super Villain

Mistress In Berkshire Role Plays Super Villain – action meets sci-fi meets bitch meets world domination!

I am an avid fan of action and sci-fi books and movies and also love Marvel and DC. A lot of my role plays are influenced at times by my favourite movies and books and luckily quite a lot of my Subs seem to share my passion too.

One of my Subs had always fantasised about being kidnapped by a super sexy super villainess, interrogated and tortured.

When my latest victim arrived we pretended that he had arrived at the hospital for some psychiatric tests and so I tied him to a chair for his own safety. Then I left the room and changed into something a little more Villainish! This time I wore a skin tight wet look suit which clung to my curves and knee high boots over the top. My sweet smile transformed into a more smug expression, my eyes narrowed and alert like a cat and my lips pressed tightly together.

I sauntered into the room gracefully sashaying on my heels and swaying my hips. Then I approached Agent X (my Sub) and grabbed him by the collar, my face inches from his.

“Do you know why you are here?” I demanded.

“I…I…some tests, I’m here for tests, why are you dressed like that?”

Mistress In Berkshire Role Plays Super Villain

I sneered in his face, let go of his shirt and pushed him backwards. “You know exactly why you are here…don’t you….Agent X!”

At the mention of those last two words his eyes widened, he trembled and bumbled his words clearly flustered.

“I….I..what? Who! What do you mean?”

I reached across and pulled up his sleeve. On his arm there was a tattoo which marked that he was a member of the Solaris Foundation. A bunch of do-gooders and scientists who had something I wanted.

I smiled knowingly and teasingly poked him on the nose with a wink. Then I smacked him right across his stupid face.

“Do you think I’m stupid?” I shrieked! “I know who you are, what you do and what you have built! I want the technology you have. I need it.” I said the last bit like a sulky child with my lower lip pouting out. I twisted my hip out and stood on my tip toe  – I was used to getting my own way and would use any method available to me. I would try all methods until I won.

“I can’t do that! If this got into the wrong hands…No. No I won’t do it. The Ruben wave was meant for good not evil.”

“I am good!” I pouted.

“You have killed good men! Good people don’t do that.”

“They got in my way! Idiots! Besides, I’ve changed my ways.” I stroked his cheek as I said this and pressed my lips against his.”

“No, no no!” he shouted.

I smacked him hard across the face then and spat at him.

” I NEED it. I’m dying!” I screamed.

This part was true. In my previous career before becoming a mastermind of evil and seduction, I had been working on a space mission and encountered something incredibly bizarre during an excavation on Mars. I had found a silver talisman and had picked it up to study it. Something un-locked and a blast of white and blue energy had hit me sending me hurling backwards. I believe it was alien technology and after a brief period of going through an agonising pain, it had given me great strength and power beyond all belief. The downside was that it was slowly killing me. The Ruben wave would rejuvenate my DNA and restore me to full power.

“Fine. You want to make this hard? We’ll do this the hard way!”

I grabbed him by the balls and twisted them as he yelled. He kept moaning and protesting and being a very petulant and bothersome little man. I took out my biggest ball gag and popped it into his mouth. That should shut the little twerp up!

Then I begin to cut his clothes off with scissors so that  he sat tied to the chair completely nude. His eyes were wide and he was sweating profusely.

I cupped his chin with my hand and said “All I need is the security access codes to the lab and the right co-ordinates for Ruben. That’s all I want. I’ll do the rest and no one need ever know you gave them to me. Now when you decide you have had enough you can just nod your head to indict you are ready to hand them over ok?”

The little bastard shook his head. I backhanded him across the face!

“Ok, at least I get to have a little fun now I suppose.” I told him. I could really do this all day. I’m just warming up.

I opened my Villain case of horrible and dastardly implements of terror and destruction. I pulled out various lethal looking weapons and stroked them lovingly as if deciding which to use. He cowered in his chair trembling.

I brought out a whip first and lashed him across the legs and thighs and then across the balls.

“Now?” I said?

He shook his head belligerently.

I pulled out the electric kit which I like to call ‘Zeus’ and attached the pads to his body.

“Let’s see how positive you feel when I run 50 volts through your body. You might find it a little bit of a shock at first”. I laughed at my own pun. He didn’t seem quite as impressed.

I turned the dial on my device and watched his body shake and his hair start to look like that of a mad professor. A few rounds of this should bring Mr Mighty Agent X down a few pegs.

When I turned the dial back I asked “Now?”

He shook his head so I turned the dial again and watched him shake and twitch for a couple of minutes. When I stopped he was gasping for breathe through his ball gag and I laughed at him.

“Pathetic human!” I sneered scornfully. “With your stupid misplaced morals and ideas. You can’t even see the big picture and realise how much the Ruben could change the world. You are pitiful with your small  minds and your lack of vision.”

Agent X looked a little sad and forlorn. So I slapped him again.

We were getting nowhere with this. The fool was obviously a glutton for punishment.

I decided a change of tack would be neccesary. I stepped forward and stroked his chest. “Poor baby”  I cooed sweetly, my words rolling like honey over my sardonic tongue. “I don’t really want to hurt you. I just want to save the world.”

Both of these statements were a total lie but hey – who’s counting! I open my top must to his confusion and astonishment and buried his face between my breasts. Now that he was in a state of confusion he would be easy and susceptible to hypnosis. I grasped his face between both hands and reached deep within myself to feel my power rise. I locked onto him with the power and his eyes were compelled to stare into mine. He couldn’t even move his gaze if he wanted too now. I could feel him melting and his expression became soft.

He mumbled through the gag “Mistress I love you. I will do anything for you.”

My power fed from him, I read his emotions, I pulled out his energy and felt him succumb to me.  My eyes were flashing bright and he surrendered, becoming my zombie, my slave, my little pet.

I suppose I could have done this straight from beginning and avoided all that violence and torture, but where would be the fun in that!

I removed his gag and he immediately said “I’ll write it down for you my Goddess! Please, let me help you.”

I untied him and he staggered across the room to fetch a pain from his case. The old fool bumbled around a little at first, struggling and disoriented from our torture session. I tapped my foot impatiently.

I watched him writing, trembling as he did so. I knew he was giving me the correct details. He was putty in my hands now. I could now read his intensions and what he would do next. I could see he was picturing a nice cup of English tea and a jammy dodger. Ah, such small aspirations for these mortals.

I took the paper from him and smiled, kissing him sweetly on the cheek.

“I’m done with you for now.” I told him “But I may need you later. Now go! Get out!”

“Yes Goddess! Thank you Godess. Anything for you!” he said as he backed away and hurried out of the door.

Idiot! I now had the codes to the Ruben wave. Once I healed myself I would be doing a great deal more that would change the world as you all see it. I had a masterplan and everyone would bow before me or suffer the consequences. You know, it’s funny, sometimes the bad guys win 😉

Watch out world, you are in all in big trouble!

Mistress In Hertfordshire Role Plays Super Villain

Princess Kaz xx

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