Fetish In Reading – Vampirism

Fetish In Reading – Today’s Fetish – Vampirism

History of the Vampire in brief.

The fantasy of the vampire first arose in 1837 when Bram Stoker wrote the world famous ‘Dracula.’ Even prior to this blood letting and blood rituals have been popular practises throughout history. Countess Elizabeth Bathory (1560-1614) bathed in the blood of young girls as she believed it would help her maintain her good looks. Crikey – I bet she wasn’t a popular dinner guest!

Vlad the Impaler (1431-1476) also enjoyed using his victims blood as a broth for his bread. Thank heavens for tomato sauce now!

In ancient times, including ancient Egypt many worshipped Gods that ‘demanded blood sacrifice’ and there were many Vampire cults. In some societies such as Egypt this was common practise and largely accepted but in others it was considered ‘deviant’ and  was denounced.

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The Modern Vampire

In more modern times, movie Vampires are the very essence of glamour. They are powerful, mighty, sexy and glamorous. It’s easy to see why this fetish is so popular. Many mainstream films and shows glamourise vampires making them extremely appealing. Films like Interview With The Vampire starring Brad Pitt, Buffy The Vampire Slayer and HBO’s True Blood have transformed the notion of decaying old relics, and disturbed, blood thirsty scavengers into young, attractive God’s that have power, money, beauty and immortality. What isn’t there to love?

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Part of the fetish here is the submission and the transformation. Weilding power over his or her victim, the vampire is hypnotic and lures them in with his charm and aura. The victim is unable to resist his power and submits, eventually becoming a vampire herself and coming over to the dark side where she will too become an almighty being with unlimited resources.

Recent media representations of vampires have humanised the classic vamp. They often appear  just like us – idealised versions of us with super strength, charism and stunning good looks. On film we see them drink, party and live a life of hedonism, doing what they want when they want, living the dream. To mimic and role play these behaviours can be extremely empowering. It’s the ultimate fantasy. I have to admit, I’m a sucker for a hot Vampire! No pun intended!

So how do people enjoy this fetish?

There are many levels of this fetish. Some choose to dress up with flowing velvet cloaks and fake fangs and might dabble in a little role play. “I vant to drink your blood!” “Yes Mistress!” and then the play begins whereby one party submits and the other takes charge of their victim.

Of course there are many Vampire subcultures and those that enjoy the more extreme side of this fetish. Some might go as far to have a specially made coffin and sleep in it. It’s not purely sexual for them, it has a more lifestyle element to it in that they worship the idea of a vampire so much, that they lead an alternative lifestyle as a vampire. For me  – a cosy mattress and and red silk sheets is much more preferred, but each to their own.

Other levels of vampirism extend to the sharing and drinking the blood of others which is arranged consensually. The blood drinkers refer to themselves as Sanguinariums. Not my cup of tea and of course there are the obvious health risks attached with this risky kind of behaviour but if you search the internet you will find there are many who practise this. I’m sure between a consenting couple who are monogamous it could be relatively safe but the thought of cutting skin does not do it for me at all! Still if Brad Pitt or Deborah Ann Woll (Jessica from True Blood) appeared in my window and wanted to transform me I would throw myself into their arms and say ‘Vamp me up baby!’ without even having to think about it!

So is it safe to drink blood?

Aside from the obvious risks of transferring STI’s and possibility of cuts becoming infected. Assuming this was all done under sterile, clinical conditions then the risk would be much lower if the amount consumed would be limited to a teaspoonful or two. Consuming more than thsi runs a whole host of possible implications. Blood is so rich in iron that ingesting to much could lead to a condition called haemochromatosis. Some of the wonderful things it could lead to include liver damage, nervous disorders, problems with the lungs and low blood pressure. Doesn’t sound quite so glamorous now does it! To summarise, no, it’s definitely not safe to drink human blood!

Oh but I’m anaemic I need it!

So am I and no you don’t! A good supplement such as Feroglobin will sort you out and ensure you are getting a healthy clean dose of iron. If you really want to feel like you are indulging in something dark, sweet and deviant,  pour a nice fruity glass of Merlot into a silver goblet and make believe! Even get a friend to pour it and pretend it’s their blood. Then work on your role plays, kit yourself out with some shit hot costumes and enjoy this fetish without doing yourself a damage.

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On another note, here is one of my all time favourite scenes from Buffy The Vampire Slayer which begins with the Slayer (Sarah Michelle Gellar) compelled to enter into an erotic liaison with super hot Vampire Spike (played by James Masters). It’s a steamy hot scene which culminates in the two powerful beings causing the entire building to crumble as they make crazy, brutal love! Enjoy!


Vampire Fetish for hotness – 10/10

Enjoy your kinky Fetish In Reading with Princess Kaz.


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