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Good Evening from Your Domme In Berkshire.  In this blog I am going to share a few anecdotes and talk about humiliation.

Some of my Subs are into being degraded and humiliated. I don’t mean a little bit of teasing or light punishment I mean REAL degradation. They wish to be treated with no respect at all, told to avert their eyes, only speak when spoken to and be punished for the slightest thing. In fact, sometimes if they are on their best behaviour, they like me to punish them for not giving me a reason to punish them! This can be really fun role play and anything (that has been agreed prior to the session) can take place. Slaves may find themselves graffitied in obscenities, forced to wear slutty or ridiculous clothing, instructed to suck a rubber dildo, sit in the corner with their hands on their heads, put on a fashion show or made to swagger like a supermodel. Some even like personal insults. One sub of mine likes to be told he is fat and useless and has a tiny little micro cock.

Feeling Flush

I had one Slave that visited me regularly before I moved cities and he would like me to spit all over his face for about then minutes. He liked me to save toys such as dildo’s and butt plugs in a bag that I had played with and then he would clean them….with his tongue. Afterwards he would clean the heels of every pair of shoes in my cupboard with his tongue too. I would then assess his work and if I wasn’t happy I would stick his head down the loo and flush it various times. Of course, I was never happy. Having him miss out on the loo flushing fun would have made us both a little disappointed!

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Some Conservative Fun

Another Slave of mine would be forced to masturbate over anything of my choice. Depending on how well he performed his tasks I would pick something appropriate. I picked a photo of Margaret Thatcher once. He said I was a cruel Mistress but that the punishment was fitting. After he’d finished I instructed him to eat his mess as he had taken to long to finish. He obliged with enthusiasm…even a little gluttony in fact!

From Little Hitler To Little Pussy

These Subs are at the more extreme end of humiliation and they enjoy letting go in this way as in their lives they are often used to getting everything there way. They wish to experience the alternative and be humiliated, refused, denied and made to do degrading tasks. It is a huge turn on for them, to give away their power and be ‘forced’ to do things they wouldn’t consider without a domineering Mistress egging them on and encouraging them.

It might sound odd to some reading this, but it’s a way for them to release stress and escape from being the powerful figure that some of them are in their day to day life. Sometimes in these scenarios I feel like I am the villain in a movie, a secret agent or a bad guy who is power hungry or has a twisted mind and a dark master plan! I sometimes wonder if they do this too.  Some of my Subs admit to a penchant for a villainess and tight catsuits like Cat woman wears!

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A Little Humiliation Is Character Building

The reason I think humiliation is so popular is because it is harmless in a mock setting. Whereas some really can’t stand pain and fear bruising or marks, with humiliation it is less permanent. I am not saying that in the real world humiliation/degradation has no effect on people. However when it is in a contrived setting and has been agreed then it can be enjoyed by the Sub with no ill effects. They have requested it as a service to experience a different way of feeling. Afterwards, there is usually a little chit chat and smiles and they carry on their day quite happily. I think many people have different sides to them. The mask or face we put on everyday to the world is not the whole picture. Sometimes they enjoy putting on a different mask, or removing it entirely and allow themselves to be someone different or experience different emotions such as pain, fear, or vulnerability which is also arousing for them.

I guess I have always enjoyed playing the bad guy as I couldn’t imagine being cruel and malicious in real life. But in a domme session it is intense and entertaining, so for me it is a fun and creative experience as well as for my Sub. With role play the sky is the limit and you can go as wild as you dare!

Have a great evening everyone!

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Princess Kaz x


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