Adult Babies – Fetish Of The Day ‘A’

This fetish is more common than you think. That dull looking bank manager you see organising loans and mortgages or even the geeky guy that stacks shelves at the grocery store, all just as likely to have a fetish such as ‘Adult Baby fetish  (or any other kind of fetish) as anyone else.

So. What is the Adult Baby Fetish all about?

If someone has an Adult Baby fetish they are commonly into the following things:

*Dressing like a baby – fully kitted out with nappies, a dummy,bottle and adult baby clothes.

*Being Minded – this involves a ‘Mummy’ who will take care of them, clean them change them and feed them with a bottle.

*Seeing other adults dressed in adult baby clothes and behave like babies.

There are often a lot of sub fetishes too in this genre such as ‘nappy wetting and changing’ wearing plastic pants or breastfeeding. But then what man isn’t into suckling on a nice piece of breast! Methinks most men are big babies at heart!

Is this a sexual kink?

Yes. For many this fetish is a sexual kink whereby the adult baby derives sexual pleasure from this. I have also encountered many adult babies who feel for them it is not a sexual kink, but instead makes them feel safe and secure. It transports them back to a time when life was simple and less complicated. This is why you often find high powered businessmen (and women) crave domination and seek the safety of playing the submissive. This allows them to escape their daily stresses and not have to make any decisions about anything for once!

Isn’t it a bit weird?

It may not be for you, but it’s no weirder than a guy who is into feet or shoes, or a guy that loves food sex satin. That just happens to be his kink. When you think about it, at it’s very essence – this is all about losing responsibility, being cared for and having ‘playtime’ in an innocent environment. I think it’s kind of cute really ad it does make me giggle to see a grown man in a romper sucking on a dummy! I just want to pat his little head and tell him he’s a good boy!

For me, I’ve always felt as long as fetish play is between two consenting adults and causes no harm or injury, where is the problem? The only time I can see a fetish becoming a problem is if either it does not involve consenting adults, is harmful or if it becomes such an unhealthy fixation that it starts to take other and effect other areas of the fetishists life.

Adult Babies

Adult Babies


I rank this one:

Safety: 10/10

Naughtiness: 3/10

If you enjoyed reading this then please look out for my future ‘Fetish Of The Day’ A-Z Blogs! I would love to hear our comments and would especially love comments from adult babies on why you love your fetish!

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  1. Kaz B - 3rd January 2016 at 1:39 AM -

    Glad you enjoyed it! 😀 xx