Berkshire Mistress Spanking

Berkshire Mistress Spanking – Tip for lady spankers!

Has your Sub been so naughty that your hands are getting quite raw with the amount of spankings you have had to dish out lately?

Us Mistresses and Dommes absolutely love to give a nice hard spanking, especially when a naughty Sub is acting in a petulant manner. However sometimes it can be tough going on the little mitts. Other than using paddles, tawse or canes I have a suggestion on how to keep those little hands from getting overly sore. After all, it’s the Sub that needs to feel the full wrath of your spanking, not Mistresses hands!

If you follow the advice in the clip, a good sound spanking can be administered harder and for longer. Plus it feels deliciously kinky!

Now, lets get those bottoms nice and red. Bend over bitches!  Face down, arse up, you’ll be raw with any luck!

Failing this you can always give them some corner time where they sit in the corner with their hands on their head like a naughty child facing the wall. A cage can be quite a fitting punishment too. Pop them in it, turn the lock then go out shopping. Lesson learned!

Princess Kaz xx

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