Strict Berkshire Mistress Presents Nettle Play

For those that like a little more extreme play and have a kink for itching, and stinging sensations you might enjoy Nettle Play! This can involved teasing the leaves down the body and over the genitals to both titillate and torture your willing victim.

I first encountered this fetish on a booking with Mistress Bailey. A Sub who came to see us had a bit of unusual fetish lets say. He worse a tight Spandex suit and his ultimate fantasy was for us to stuff as many nettle leaves down his outfit as we possibly could and make him leave it on for an hour. Of course we did – wearing extra thick latex gloves to protect our dainty hands! Afterwards his little willie looked like he’d popped it into a Bee Hive!

Another fetishist who came to see us for this kink wanted a speculum popped into his botty and then to have his tunnel of darkness filled to the brim with nettles. This might sounds like your worst nightmare or a vision from Hell itself, but it was right up his alley and he was overjoyed!

So if you are made of tough stuff and count yourself as a master of pain, you might be able to get through this one without crying like a baby and rolling round the floor shrieking!

Strict Berkshire Mistress Presents Nettle Play

Things to consider:

1: If you are new to nettle play and not sure how you will take to it, I suggest starting off a little at a time. This is also to ensure that you don’t have a serious allergy to nettles!

2: Always keep some dock leaves handy to relieve the sensation in case it gets a bit too much.

3: Avoid getting nettles on your Domme. She will most likely tear you to pieces if so much as a tiny finger gets stung – and not in a good way!

4: You might want to wear long trousers that day. Do you really fancy walking home with your nettle rash scaring small children who think you are a monster!

5: Don’t dabble with this if you have a hot date planned. She’ll think you have a seriously ugly STI and will be in the cab on her way home before you can say ‘But it’s only n……’

6: If you are collecting the nettles yourself, use gloves and transport them into a carrier bag,

If you get as far as collecting all the leaves and then bottle it, don’t worry! You can always make a lovely calming nettle tea which will be a fabulous tonic for those fried nerves!

On the pain scale I rate this one from 6-9 out of ten depending on how many leaves are used and where!

So, I shall leave you to ponder this fetish, whether you are gaping at your screen with your eyes popping out and your jaw hitting your desk in horror, or whether you are twitching uncomfortably in your pants wishing you could partake in such a delicious sounding game of pain!

Loves and lashings of Nasty Nettles

Your Strict Berkshire Mistress  – Princess Kaz X

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