Strap On Video For First Timers

Many subs and fetishists are very intrigued about anal play and the strap on, but first timers tend to approach me with similar concerns and questions. They query things such as “Will it be painful?” Will you go gently with me?” “Will you use lube?”

The key to great strap-on sex is plenty of lube and taking time to warm the sub up with lots of smaller toys and butt plugs. You really can not rush the experience if you wish to enjoy it to the fullest capacity.

It’s often hard for subs to visually imagine what receiving the strap on will be like, so I have uploaded the following short clip of me using a strap-on on one of my slaves. It starts from the point I enter him with a strap-on and because he is inexperienced I take it slowly and using lots of lube. I am also very verbally encouraging.

As this was slaves first time taking a strap-on, I encouraged him to ride back on it so he could get used to the sensation. This is a very different experience than it would be with a slave who was fully adept in taking the strap on, but if you are a first timer this will give you an idea of what to expect.


Click here to see the video and enjoy! Strap On First Timer