Your Sensual Reading Mistress Presents – Queening

Greetings from your Sensual Reading Mistress, Princess Kaz. Today we are going to look at the ancient art of Queening and understand what it is and where it stems from.

Queening is a sexual practise in which a dominant female sits astride a Slaves face, usually by means of a specially designed chair to maximise comfort for the Queen.  The Slave meanwhile wriggles around below in a less comfortable spot. Well it is the natural order after all!

When I use the term Queen, I am not talking about flamboyant homosexuals, the legendary 80’s band or even dear Elizabeth herself. The term Queen is given to the dominant female, and the name has historical routes which we will come to in a moment.

Human Dildo

When the Slave is positioned underneath, his sole and only job is to be used as a human sex toy to pleasure his Queen or Mistress. His face, lips and tongue will be used to stimulate her vagina and or bottom. The Queen cares not for this unworthy Slave and the pleasure is all hers!

Of course, many Subs take great joy in such a practise and can think of nothing more erotic than bringing their Lady of sinful desires to a throbbing orgasm!

Licking Bottoms From The Bottom

So how old is this practise and where did it begin? This extraordinary old practise has routes in the medieval ages and ancient Japan. In the dark gloomy days of old when the husbands were away, the naughty Queens would play! Often a Queen would sit with a Slave under her skirts where he would pleasure her to satisfaction until she moaned with joy and dispensed with him! The Slaves would be used roughly and with no consideration. Sounds like they had the right idea. Oh those impish harlots!

The Kinky Ancients

Similar practises were prevalent in China, and in Japan there were brothels where both male and female Slaves would be used to induce orgasms and ecstasy. Oh to be a Queen in the days of old! 😉

In fact, depictions of Queening have even been recorded in Hieroglyphics in Egypt. I imagine these depictions would also serve as an ancient version of pornography. Can you just imagine it? Feeling aroused and having to draw something a little risque’ in hieroglyphics for kicks and thrills? Or perhaps it was more of an instructional  good to ensure this practise was documented and followed by all good students!

Still, these practises have not died out and to this very day the fetish is well and truly alive. Many Subs desire with all their hearts nothing more than serving as a piece of furniture for their Queens lady garden, where they will dine at the furry cup until their Queen gasps and moans and then kicks them out until they are next needed. Sounds like quite a banquet! Some things never change and I am pleased to say that some of the most enticing ancient arts are still prevalent in contemporary times.


Sensual Reading Mistress

So gentlemen, if you want to please your Lady take some inspiration from our ancestors. Ladies – if you want to train your Submissive male and turn him into the perfect slut, you don’t need a Queening chair. Restrain him and take a nice comfortable seat. And when you are done, be sure to send him on his way and have him close the door behind him! 😉

Your Sensual Reading Mistress – Princess Kaz

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