Poppers current status – Legal.

Poppers is the name given to the group of alkyl nitrites (formerly amyl nitrate before the original version was banned) which are taken for recreational purposes. Many that indulge in poppers take them for sexual purposes as it can heighten the orgasm and lower inhibitions.

Personally they don’t interest me but I have many subs that love to indulge. They also have the added advantage of loosening the muscles in the rectum, so they work particularly well for subs who want to take a bigger strap-on with absolute ease. I have one Sub that can only take the smallest set of beads in his bottom, but when he uses poppers, he begs for my larger strap on and  – deep! Because it relaxes the muscles no harm is caused in the anal region, especially with a generous helping of lube!

A more extreme version of this is ‘forced intox’. The domme plays the role of the ‘enforcer’ and commands that the sub sniff the aroma when she instructs. Of course this is best done using a safe word as aside from getting a nasty headache, too many poppers can make you feel a little ill for an hour or so. I have had a couple of subs who were extremely popper hungry and when they left they would be as blue as smurfs! (A blue/grey tinge can be a side effect of consuming poppers so if you are going to practise popper play use caution and try to use in moderation).

Poppers recently escaped the blanket ban on psychoactive substances that came into effect in May 2016. This was due to public outcry. The gay community fought back and the Conservative justice minister, Crispin Blunt was strongly advocating poppers and suggested that it was ridiculous to ban them.

The AMCD raises concerns about the risk of poppers and suggest that it may impair eyesight and lower blood pressure. When poppers are consumed they do in fact cause a rush of blood to the head…hence that heady/dizzy feeling. In the 20 years between 1993 and 2013 there were a reported 21 deaths associated with poppers. Just to put that into perspective for you, The Centre For Disease Control report that alcohol leads to 88,000 deaths each year in America alone. Patient.info reported that 100,000 in the UK die each year from smoking and the CDC states that 480,000 people die in America from smoking each year. Yet alcohol and nicotine which cause hundreds of thousands of deaths each year and cost the NHS absolute millions are taxable products and are therefore unlikely to come under any ban what with them being such a lucrative financial tool to the government.

On March 21st 2016 The Guardian suggested that the a right wing group called The Centre For Justice pushed hard for the ban on legal highs. Homosexuality goes against their ethics and family values and it is claimed that they feel drugs like poppers encourage ‘immoral behaviour’ and promiscuous activity. The Guardian also quoted Professor Knutt as saying “The poppers ban is a veiled attacked on pleasure.”

I will leave you to make up your own minds about this, but there is no denying that our legal system is fraught with contradictions and hypocrisies and the sale of alcohol and nicotine versus legal highs is merely one of them.

Poppers were exempt from the 2016 ban and there is no doubt that members of the Conservative party opposing it certainly made a big difference! So for now, you can indulge till your hearts content but remember all play should always be safe.

The Sun Cover, Tory Crispin Blunt admitted using poppers

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