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Busting The Bilbo Baggins

Balls. Gonads. Cajones, bollocks, jizzberries, betty swallocks, tea-baggers, nuts! If you have just escaped a religious cult and are baffled at my phraseology, I’m talking about testicles! Whatever you call them, they can be delicate little chaps. Perhaps that’s why some submissive men feel that the ultimate act of submission is to surrender their little […]

Ball Breaking Bitches!

Some of you reading this blog may have a secret ball busting fantasy. In fact, some of you have probably tried it and even enjoyed it! However, extreme ballbusting is usually reserved for the true ball busting fanatics! Lawyer and Italian You tuber Andrea Dipre´fits perfectly into that category and is known in the ball […]

Reading Ballbusting Session

Pip was an absolute ballbusting fanatic and was looking for a Reading Ballbusting Session. Here is how our session went plus some thoughts about the sexual psychology of domination.   Ballbusting Session: When Pip arrived at my venue I interrogated him over his recent experiences with Mistresses and then instructed him to strip completely before playing a little […]