Reading Ballbusting Session

Pip was an absolute ballbusting fanatic and was looking for a Reading Ballbusting Session. Here is how our session went plus some thoughts about the sexual psychology of domination.


Ballbusting Session:

When Pip arrived at my venue I interrogated him over his recent experiences with Mistresses and then instructed him to strip completely before playing a little warm up game. This was to ensure that he didn’t suddenly pass out from any sudden shocks.

Pip’s favourite style of ball busting was to be kneed and then kicked in his man bits. I made him stand with his legs akimbo and then I started to test his tolerance for pain. Beginning with a soft knee in his testicles, I swiftly worked up to a lovely and swift hard kick. After a while I felt him beginning to waver.  I then reminded him that he was a little pussy! I ordered him to lie down on the floor whilst I trampled all over his back.  I then slid my long black stiletto heel into his waiting mouth. He worshipped my sexy heels with glee!  I decided to put the shoes to good practise and had him lie on his front and then in a doggy style position. He gained a much better hold of twitching in this position!

Pip now was clearly reaching his limit.  I suggested we take a little break and sat on his face squashing him with my nylon covered cheeks. His face made a suitable resting place whilst I recharged my batteries.

Pip was soon ready for more punishment and so I started to tease him verbally as I kicked his sacks and commented on how cum filled his bags looked! To my astonishment and without warning he ejaculated a huge spurt of man milk all over himself! We had only been going 15 minutes!


Female Domination:

So, what is domination about? Is it when your Sub hands over the power and you take advantage of that trust by abusing it? Is it to scorn their preferences as you are the Domme? Because you must exhibit complete totalitarian control and an all consuming need to ruin and devour any person you consider as inferior? Of course not! In my eyes, Femdom can be a very sensual thing.  Whilst pain and brutality is often on the menu, it can offer many other satisfying courses. A domme has power and you will most likely meet her (reasonable) demands because you aim to please her. She requires loyalty and obedience. 

You hand over the power to your Mistress. You trust this compelling domme to explore your limits, a little, but to return you to a state of mind that doesn’t have you hiding under your bed and refusing to come out for a month!

She has your confidence and perhaps your bruised balls in her hands. She can break you. She can scar you physically or mentally – often this is part of the thrill! In possessing your trust your Mistress should appreciate that it’s most likely taken quite a lot of balls) to willingly offer them up!

Is domination and power exchange merely a physically thing for you?  Or is it just as arousing if not more to have your mind played with so you never know what is going to happen next?

It’s more than obvious what my thoughts are on this, but I’m curious to find out what other subs and dommes think.  I’d be intrigued to hear your thoughts!

Lashings Of Spankings, Mistress –  Princess Kaz x

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Watford Ballbusting Session

Watford Ballbusting Session


  1. David Penn - 16th March 2016 at 9:31 PM -

    Hello Mistress Kaz B I was turned down by a Financial Domme for being on the sick with mental health problems .My Fetish is for Financial Domination first I feel still addicted to fin dom.Can I pay a lower monthly tribute each month?.

    • Kaz B - 16th March 2016 at 9:53 PM -

      Dear David, Thank you for your enquiry.

      I sympathise with your condition and realise this cannot be easy for you. Unfortunately I am not able to assist you with your fetish if you have mental health problems. The reason for this is that anyone that enters into such agreements with me must be in a sound state of mind and fully aware of what they are agreeing to. You would be welcome to book a webcam show with me – I believe this to be a better option for you so you are able to dip into fetish when you are feeling in the right mood without a long term commitment.

      Kind Regards
      Mistress Kaz