Mistress Of Fetish Presents Phobophilia

Today your Mistress Of Fetish explores Phobophilia, what it is and types of Phobophila.

Phobophilia is philia which describes arousal caused by fear.

Fear Drives Us

We are all driven by fear to an extent – fear that if we do not work hard we will not be successful. Fear that if we eat that cake we will get fat! We have evolved to co-exist with fear and fear drives us to overcome obstacles and be our best. Fear can also hold us back too and typical thought patterns may read like this ‘If I try and fail people will laugh at me’  or ‘If I take a train I may got lost or something bad may happen!’ 

Psychopaths are known to be completely fearless! For a Phobophile however, there is nothing more exciting than feeling utterly terrified!

The Only Thing To Fear Is Fear Itself!

Many Submissives love to indulge their love of fear in a relatively safe environment. Sounds like a contradiction when put like that doesn’t it? But just as much as there are thrill seekers who will put themselves in ridiculously dangerous and risky situations to get their kicks, there is the more calculated Phobophile who can get his kicks from pseudo fearsome situations.

I have had Subs come to me with an element of this fetish and asked me to scare the living poo poo out of them! Such role play and mind games can involve games such as knife play whilst they are restrained (always use something blunt, it’s fear we are extracting, not blood!). Another Slave enjoyed me threatening to crush his balls, although not actually crush them!

I Have Been Waiting For You Mr Bond

My SAS role plays have always been quite popular with my many of my Subs. My role is a Secret Agent who is collecting intelligence for my British/Russian headquarters. My slave has the information I am after and I use a variety of punishments and/or torture techniques to extract this information from him. Now for those who enjoy pain they enjoy some of the punishments being followed through. For a Phobophile the threat of danger can sometimes be enough, although sometimes with just enough punishment to make them really believe I would follow them all through! Some of my subs have enjoyed scenarios involving waterboarding (can be risky unless great care is taken so not for novices!) threat of rape (with a strap-on) or even fear of public humiliation or exposure. Most Subs of sounds mind and body do not truly desire exposure but just the threat is exciting for them, especially if they are a Phobophile!

Mistress Of Fetish

All The World’s A Stage

With my love of acting I absolutely adore these scenarios and playing different characters and villains! Games like these can be like a day out on an adventure playground for me, or like my own secret role in a film, wielding power over my slut but with no cameras! For the Sub, it’s an exciting and sexually stimulating experience. But he knows that after an hour, or however long he has booked, he can go safely home back to his normal world. These experiences are an exciting escape for them from the mundane. Most people do not really want to be hurt beyond a little spanking or caning or have their real life interfered with. So for them it’s an easy, safe option to explore the philia without any lasting problems. Whoever knew Watford could be so kinky!

Mistress Of Fetish

Are You Ready For Your Mission?

Those interested in being interrogated by a British Spy or a Russian Villain, a simply a kinky Mistress In Watford, you can contact me via the contact form or call me on the booking line below! Heed my words – you should be very afraid! 😉

Love from your Mistress Of Fetish – Princess Kaz

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