Mind Control

Subs crave domination for different reasons and in different forms. Lets take a look at some of the different ways a slave might enjoy being dominated.

Strict BDSM

The Slave craves abuse, verbal humiliation and pain. He may enjoy being told he is inferior, pathetic, worthless and love to have his Mistress rule supreme and take charge of his decisions and the way he behaves. Often discipline may be served if the sub doesn’t follow orders as expected which might be verbal, physical or he may be made to sit in the corner until he has learnt his lessen.  The sub hands over all power to the Mistress who then controls every aspect of his being.


Some subs find strict BDSM a little heavy and prefer gentle encouragement and teasing. For example a sissy may enjoy being told “Go on, put the stockings on, you know they will feel so sexy once they are on. You will love it.” Often a little degradation is craved as well with words such as ‘Come on sissy boy, you are not man enough to wear trousers. Pop my skirt and panties on! “


Some subs like to wear knickers, others might like to take a strap on. Often they have a latent and unconscious desire to fulfil their fantasies and it’s a craving that they cannot escape. On the surface, at some level they may be slightly uncomfortable with their desires and feel shame or guilt. Those that wish to let go of their inhibitions and fully immerse themselves in their secret inner world will go to great lengths to accept their fetish. For some brainwashing is the answer. Brainwashing can include subliminal messages, mantras and repeated sentences, also imagery and graphic photo’s which are intended to de-sensitive the Slave to the fetish and make it feel less daunting. For example, someone who has a fetish for caning, may be instructed to look at caning photo’s whilst being caned, or a sissy –  at pictures of cross dressing Slaves whilst being dressed as his Mistress requires. They are often instructed with rules too such as ‘From now on you will only ejaculate when looking at or thinking about….’X’.

Subliminal Image For SissiesSubliminal Image - FeminisationSissy Challenge

Removing boundaries are also part of the brainwashing process. So a slave that is embarrassed to act in a certain way in front of you ie like a girl, will be forced to do this. They can also be forced to do things like use the bathroom to urinate in front of you to break down their barriers and make them susceptible to brainwashing and mind control.

Of course in any healthy relationship this would be physical and emotional abuse and totally unacceptable! So don’t try these techniques in vanilla relationships unless you want to spend a long time eating cold lumpy porridge in prison! The difference here is, the sub craves these practises and my slaves can opt out of any arrangement just by using their safe word. A safe word is essential practise and the one boundary that should always be in place.


To infantilise  an individual is to babify them, talk down to them and treat them as if you would a child. Sometimes I use this approach in my sessions and treat my subs as if they are disobedient children. I might use soft soft coaxing one minute and tell them if they are a good boy they get a reward, or I might make them face the corner with their hands on their heads. To infantilise someone is to take away their power and a slave may love the feeling of vulnerability that comes with it.  This in turn makes them reliant on you for decisions as they place their control in the Mistresses hands.

Other than verbal, forms of infantilism include; making a sub drink from a baby bottle or cuddle a soft toy, only speak in a baby voice, play with toys, suck their thumb, wear a diaper, sit in a playpen, be cuddled and told that they are a helpless little baby or even told they are naughty and not allowed playtime until they can behave!

Another aspect of this is animal role play. The sub will be expected to behave like an animal such as a dog or pig. During their time play acting this animal they will only be able to walk and make sounds like the chosen animal. They may be told to be, drink and eat from a pet bowl and be told to sleep in a cage or pen. They may also be disciplined for poor behaviour – ie acting like a human or acting like a naughty animal (cocking leg etc).

That covers my exploration of mind control techniques and behaviour modification for now. Which of these do you relate to and enjoy the most if any? I would love to hear your comments. Please leave one below.

Princess Kaz

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