Latex Fetish – Interview

Do you have a latex fetish? You might be able to relate to some of the things in the following interview.

*Steven has an ordinary day job and a family, but he closely guards a deep secret that he is only able to share with the dominatrix he visits. For when he clocks off from his office job he adopts the super sultry alter-ego ‘Latex Slut’. Latex Slut is a leggy, pouting red haired siren with a love of all things latex. In fact she loves nothing better than pouring her sensual curves into the tightest latex and becoming a glamorous vixen.

It was a pleasure to gain a peek into the world of this naughty kinkster Read on to find out more and enjoy!

Do you remember when you first discovered latex? We would love to hear more about that initial experience and how it made you feel.

I first remember seeing latex in a porn mag when I was in my teens. I was utterly transfixed, and was just mesmerised about the way this delicious shiny black fabric clung to the model’s body, revealing everything and yet simultaneously hiding it! It was just so sexy, and the sight of a woman in latex aroused me more than seeing a naked woman. That still holds true for me today.

Latex Fetish  - Interview

So when was the very first time you wore latex yourself?

As a teenage boy, the opportunity to meet latex-wearing women was non-existent, and that’s when I started to crossdress, as it meant that I could become the fantasy female figure I so craved. I started with cheap PVC, as that was all that I could afford and was readily available, but when I was in my twenties, I really started my rubber collection. The first item I bought was a pair of black latex stockings, and I’ll never forget that immense thrill as I first rolled them up my legs! There was something unique about the way they felt and the way they looked, and yes, it has to be admitted, incredibly arousing!

Ooh saucy! When you are dressed in latex do you like to image that you are female – or that you are a guy in women’s clothing?

I’m somewhere in between. I know I’m not passably female, but at the same time, I feel very different to when I’m dressed normally as a man. Wearing latex seems to trigger a part of me that yearns to be wanton, submissive, and to take on the stereotypical role of the slut. Latex is closely associated with sex, and when you wear it, it feels like your entire mission in life is simply to be a sex toy!

Do you have any tips to buying good latex? What should we look out for? Any favourite brands you have?

The sad truth about latex is that it IS expensive. I must have spent thousands on latex! Yes, you can buy cheap stuff, but it doesn’t last. I usually buy from Honour, which owns the Skin Two brand, but then there are also other great brands such as Westward Bound and Libidex. I can’t afford the high-end couture options such as Atsuko Kudo, but look out for smaller brands such as Shhh! Couture and William Wilde.

You certainly know your latex! Imagine you are in the worlds biggest latex store and money is no object – what would you go for? Stockings? Skirts? Something else?

I do LOVE latex stockings – I must have about six pairs – so I’d definitely stock up on them! I also love my maid’s uniform, which really does feel outrageously sexy to wear, but it’s time I tried something different. I know it’s a cliché, but I’ve always hankered after being a nurse…

You mentioned that your wife is unaware of you dressing. Do you find it hard living a double life sometimes or does it add to the excitement?

Both, undoubtedly. My wife knows I love women in latex, and she sometimes wears it for me, but she doesn’t know that my fetish is so strong that I have to wear it myself. It IS stressful leading a double life, and I wish I had told her from day one that I was a bit different. But back then – and it wasn’t THAT long ago – being anything other than vanilla was considered shameful. Things have indeed improved, but I wonder if it’s too late for me to come out as a rubbery tranny! Saying that, I can’t deny the thrill of having a secret life.

Latex Dress and Red Wig

That must tough sometimes having to keep such a big part of your life a secret. Do you find the dommes you see are understanding of your fetish? What would be a typical scenario that you might enjoy together?

Dommes are immensely understanding of my fetish, and many dommes undoubtedly love latex as much as I do. It’s great to be able to dress up with someone who ‘gets it’, and isn’t judgemental, and is even appreciative! Typically, when I’m dressed with a domme, I crossdress as a latex slut, and I receive a good pegging. (strap on) At other times, I have been known to enjoy real cock… yup, latex makes me utterly slutty!

Oh you greedy girl Latex! 😉 What are your thoughts on fetish clubs that cater for latex dressers?

Sadly, I’ve never had the opportunity to go to a fetish club in my latex. I’d love to, but it just hasn’t been possible. That needs to change, as there are tons of wonderful places where one can now rubber up in public and strut one’s latex stuff!


Have you ever had any bad or funny experiences involving your fetish?

The worst experience that any latex wearer can have – and it happens to all rubber lovers – is when your latex tears when you are putting it on. There’s nothing worse than when you’re all primed for a slutty latex session, keen to create the perfect rubbery look, and without warning, a nail catches on your stockings and they mercilessly tear right down the middle. The illusion is ruined! My advice – always take spare latex with you. As regards funny experiences, there’s no doubt that putting latex on can be a real struggle, and sometimes the giggles engendered by squeezing into something impossibly tight can ruin the mood. It’s essential to use a lubricant such as Pjur to avoid this happening – and it makes those rips less likely!

Latex Wearing Sub

Some great tips there! Do you think my blog readers should give latex a try? Are they missing out?

I won’t be happy until everybody in the world tries latex. I don’t understand people who don’t find it a turn-on! Once you’ve tried it once, you’ll be hooked. What’s more, it’s good to see more celebs publicly wearing latex, but then us latex fetishists think we’re an elite bunch, and there’s a part of us that selfishly wants to keep rubber to ourselves…

Thanks for sharing Latex Slut, you’ve been an absolute star! 

There we go guys, you have no excuse now not to experiment with some latex! Feel free to leave some comments for Latex Slut in the comments box – she will be happy to give you some advice on latex!