Good Slave Bad Slave

This is a game I recently played with some Subs of mine when I was feeling particularly fiendish. In this session my Subs were bi so I introduced bi elements to the session.

Slave Sindy was into humiliation, voyeurism and being teased.  Slave Steven is heavily into bi play.  This is how the game went – I gave both Slaves the same task – such as catching a chocolate drop or worshipping my feet, and whatever their performance and effort, my rules dictated that Slave Steven would be rewarded and Slave Sindy would be punished. This is a great game to evoke your slaves emotions and play on his senses. It serves to degrade the first Slave more and show him what he is missing, so if he gets off on abuse, humiliation and degradation he will adore the sweet agony that this will put him through!

To be fair both Slaves put in a great deal of effort. They caught about the same amount of chocolate drops each, were both very thorough worshippers and were both able to hold a penny against a wall with their nose for 5 full minutes whilst being spanked and reaching their arms over their heads. Normally they would both receive a small reward – such as getting to wear my panties or 5 minutes with my magic wand massager. However as I twisted the rules to make it a little more exciting. Now Steven would enjoy an evening better reward whilst Sindy was punished and told how worthless and pathetic he is.  To give you a little taste of how this game went – I pushed Stevens head between my PVC clad bust which I rubbed all over his face telling him what a good boy he was. Sindy however would have a heel shoved in his mouth and be told to clean it. This continued for some time where Sindy would watch Steven being rewarded whilst he was punished. It had them both in a state of excitement and they were both standing to attention. Despite the fact that they were both around 7 inches, I told Sindy that his cock was smaller, more shrivelled and un-enticing.

“It’s a shame it’s not more like Steven’s cock.” I mocked “You are an embarrassment!”

Now, this is where the game gets really fun. I told Sindy that he would have to suck Steven’s cock so he could witness how a real cock would grow hard. I knew he would enjoy this immensely so I didn’t want to allow him too much of a treat… so after he had slid Steven’s member in and out of his mouth a few times, I told him that he was useless and didn’t even deserve to suck a cock. I slid a butt plug into his arse, dressed him in a pair of girly panties and laid him on his back with a funnel in his mouth. I told him that he would need to drink Steven’s spunk in the funnel without even having the pleasure of sucking a cock! Steven was then instructed to wank furiously and to feed Sindy a nice fresh protein shake by squirting into the funnel. Sindy was trembling from head to toe, his man pussy erect underneath his panties and leaking heavily. Steven was red in the face and panting like an asthmatic running the marathon. It was a terribly sexy scene as you can imagine and I giggled aloud as I had these two super sluts carry out my whims! Eventually Steven popped his load and shot into the funnel. Sindy’s eyes rolled back into his head and he writhed in ecstasy.

“No swallowing yet” I forbade him. “Now Sindy your time to wank into this shot glass. The whole time you must not swallow. Not until you fill this shot glass, and wait for my instruction to swallow. Understood?”

He nodded yes. Then on command started to rub his little man pussy. He was tugging away as if his life depended on it and shaking from head to toe. The pressure was really on now. I stood with an impatient look on my face, eyeing him expectantly to add to his suffering. When I grew bored I started to stroke his bottom cheeks with my fingers and tell him I would fuck him in the arse with my strap-on if he couldn’t come. That did the job and squirted heavily into the glass filling it half way up.

“Drink” I instructed.

With that he added the contents of the shot glass to his open mouth, grimacing as he did so.

“Swallow slut.” I said sharply. With immense relief Sindy swallowed with a grateful look on his face. I then dismissed the pair and sent them away.

Did you like my game Good Slave, Bad Slave? I would really like to find some subs who would be willing to film this with me. Wearing a mask would be acceptable. If this sounds interesting to you drop me a line and tell me whether you would like to be good slave or bad slave. If you can’t decide tell me and you can toss a coin for it!

Booking Line: 07572273296

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