Foot Fetish And Wrestling Entrepreneur monkeyboy

Monkeyboy is one of the few kinksters that has turned his fetish into a business. His love of foot fetish and women wrestling and overpowering men has turned him from a secret fetishist into an online entrepreneur who turns people’s fetishes into an on screen world of fantasy. Read on to find out how deepest darkest desires have turned into a very profitable business.

Hey Steve, it’s no secret that you absolutely adore women’s feet. Can you tell me how this fetish began?

The earliest memory of feet making me realise there was something I couldn’t explain, but wanted was when I was about 7 (I think) I was staying with my gran and grandad and I had a bedroom at the back of the house which looked out on their garden, and also gave me a good view of next door’s yard. It was a hot sunny day and there were loads of children next door playing, all around my age, and I had come in because it was too hot, so I was watching them from the window. They had a paddling pool in the yard which was not blown up and had no water in it and a curly haired blonde girl was amusing herself by walking around the edge again and again. A boy a little older came over and laid across the pool, his head on the edge where the girl was walking. When she got to his head she told him to get out of the way, but he said no, closed his eyes against the sun and stayed put. The girl put her bare foot on his face and walked over him – this really excited me, but I wasn’t sure why…

toes in champagne

And your foot fetish was born! So how about your wrestling fetish? What sparked that off – can you remember?

My grandparents always watched World of Sport and they had a wrestling section every week which I would watch with them – I layed on the floor with some toys usually but looked up at the screen every now and then. One week there was a known ‘bad guy’ fighting and when his opponent came into the ring I saw he wrestled barefoot which made me pay a bit more attention. During the match the barefoot guy got Mr Nasty in a hold (an arm stretch I think) which had one of his bare feet against the other guys head, Mr Nasty tried to get away by going to stand up – the barefoot guy rubbed his foot in Mr Nasty’s face to the delight of the crowd who loved seeing him humiliated. I took this image away in my head and made the barefoot wrestler a woman as I relived it – this was the first time I ejaculated and I had to rush into the bathroom to clean up – I told my gran I had spilled my drink to explain the damp spot.

Foot Fetish And Wrestling Entrepreneur Monkey Boy

Oooh you kinky little devil! So this had quite an effect on your teens I imagine?

I started to look for girls with bare feet in any situation, knowing they excited me, but I didn’t know why still! Years later I had kept my guilty secret to myself, thinking it was only me that was like this. I read newspapers and books as I grew older and came across the term ‘foot fetish’ in an agony aunts column in the News of the World (my grandparents got it every Sunday). Someone had written in asking how he could break it to his girlfriend that he wanted to have her feet on him and the advice was to take it slowly, not grab her foot and put it in his mouth. In the answer to him, the agony aunt said this was quite normal and added that many people liked to combine this with bondage – a whole new set of scenarios invaded my head!

Thank heavens for advice columns! I think a lot of us have discovered many sexual things are popular through reading them. So did you try it out straight away?

No. Still I kept quiet about what I now knew was my foot fetish, thinking it was just a few people that were like me, until I was able to buy my first home PC, which were not very common at that time – as soon as the guy finished setting it up for me I wrote foot fetish into the search engine (long before google) and hit enter. Within a moment or two I had something like 5 million hits! I literally stayed at the keyboard for days as I explored and became aware I was not alone…

The internet has opened up the eyes of many people to fetish. I presume this opened up the world of kinky wrestling for you further too?

As this was something that had made me awake to my foot fetish, I still had it in my head, but I knew a man shoving a bare foot into another man’s face was not what I wanted, it had to be a man and a woman and it had to be her that had the bare feet. So this was always in the back of my mind – just imagine a man wrestling a woman who humiliated him by making him have her foot in his face and him being helpless to stop her!

Toes2nose Screenshot

When I was a kid, I was walking back from a friends one day and went past a playground where kids were always playing and shouting and laughing, but this time there was an argument between a boy and an older girl who was obviously winning the row – she had bare feet and grabbed the boy, throwing him to the ground, then she kicked him with a bare foot before pinning him on the ground. My head started spinning with possibilities – I crossed the road and walked back the way I had just come from so I could walk past the couple again. The girl had him trapped and I could see her bare soles as she sat astride the beaten boy who was now crying – I needed more of this!

As a teen/adult pre-internet did you get your kicks from adult mags or were they all too vanilla?

I got older and started to buy walk-mags: my favourites were Leg Show and another similar with a title I can’t remember – these were American and had lots of pictures of girls legs and, of course feet even though they seemed to focus on legs there was enough to keep me interested. I got my PC, as above, and looked up websites advertised in the magazines and kept getting close to what my heart desired, but not quite. Until I looked at the top shelf in my favourite newsagents and saw ‘Amazons in Action’ which had stories and the odd bad picture of women wrestling men!

I had explored hundreds of foot sites, but now I typed in women fighting men – again a huge wealth of sites gave me lots to explore, including barefoot women wrestling men. I joined forums and became aware I was not the only guy who wanted to see a woman humiliating a man with her bare feet in his face while he could not get away and wrestling joined feet to give me much to be excited about!


You mentioned that your former girlfriend helped you set up your website Toes2nose. Can you tell us a little bit more about how that happened?

The girlfriend I had at the time was fully aware of my fetish and happy to indulge me.

We had looked at foot fetish websites together and it just occurred to me that with a camera and a computer I could start my own.

She thought it would be fun and I did some research online about starting a site and found that an American company, BHE, offered a deal where they webmaster the site, you provide the content and they take their cut out of your subscription earnings.

We took a load of pictures and away we went – the name Toes2nose was straight off the top of my head and we actually got people join before the official launch date!

Odd requests have included crushing empty drinks cans; squashing bananas with bare feet & pushing girls toes into a slave’s eyes!

It seems like you are more than happy to indulge many of your website’s fans Monkey boy and it just goes to show that there is a fetish for everything!

Guys if you share Monkey Boy’s fetishes you will love his site! Check it out