Berkshire Mistress Mummification

My Slave Georgio is a very advanced submissive and is a fabulous subject for pain play and torment. Knowing that I would be trampling Georgio in the session, I wore my leather knee high boots with stiletto heels which would leave some lovely imprints on his stomach so that he could have a lasting momento of our session for at least few days. I teamed the boots with a short leather skirt and a steel boned basque – all in black naturally darling! My sub had boasted of his abilities in this area and I put him to the test! I think perhaps this task would have been too easy if I had have trampled him with bare feet as I weigh less than 8 stone. Therefore my platform boots made a lasting impression – in more ways than one!

Slave impressed me when it came to the sounding rods too – I started small and built up to using a steel rod that was at least 4mm wide. Whilst I was gentle to start with to get him warmed up he certainly didn’t complain when I pumped it more furiously and I heard him elicit only girly moans of pleasure!

I decided to warm his arse up with a nice plus size butt plug which slipped in beautifully. He barely needed any warm up at all. His bottom was gaping and begging to be used! My slut is fairly tall so when I decided it was time to use my beautifully monstrous strap-on on him, I stood on the bed with him on his hands and knees below me. I bent my knees and grabbed hold of his hips which was a superb position to fully own him and make him my slut. The dirty little man harlot thrust back on that 12 inch tickler like a bucking bronco! He couldn’t get enough!

I decided to celebrate by giving him a champagne shower – Mistresses finest golden champagne  – nothing less than straight from the source!

My slut had impressed me greatly so far. He brought wonderful gifts including delicious chocolates and had sailed through most of his tasks – although there is always room for improvement so here and there a swift punishment was in order. He also brought some shrink wrap with him as promised. In the past I have used clingfilm to restrain slaves, but now I realise that shrink wrap is so much more restrictive and looks very sexy, that black shiny wrap tightly bound against the skin! I partially mummified him from the lower legs up to the shoulders and my dear sub was unable to move at all!
With him almost completely encased in shiny black wrap I propped him up against the wall like a mannequin and gave his bottom and balls a good hard paddling.


Hertfordshire Mistress MummificationHertfordshire Mistress MummificationHertfordshire Mistress MummificationHertfordshire Mistress Mummification

I cannot wait to use the shrink wrap again – do get in touch if you long to be the subject of some Hertfordshire Mistress Mummification!

Princess Kaz x

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