Reading Dominatrix Top Fetishes

Reading Dominatrix Top Fetishes – I’ve rounded up a few of my favourite fetishes and kinks. With such a vast array of fetish delights to enjoy it was a tough call to narrow the list down to these and this is in no way an exhaustive list!

Anal Play  and adult babies- I love making my Slave submit to me and allowing his bottom to be used as I see fit.  Adult babies are like having an over sized pet to play with!

Ball gags, Boot and Bum worship – to see a gagged man is a joy. To watch him lick my polished boots brings me great pleasure and I enjoy well behaved Subs kissing my PVC clad bottom.

Chastity, CBT and Cross Dressing- denying a Sub and cruelly punishing his balls always brings a smile to my face. My more mild mannered sluts I love to dress up and feminise to make them appealing, girly and sexy!

Doggy training and Dacryphilia – having my puppy well trained or having a Sub weep is a great source of amusement for me.

Electrics play. I love this kind of shocking behaviour!

Femdom, Flogging and foot worship – Domination and making men submit is one of my favourite things to do and flogging him is a great release for both parties. Having ones tooties rubbed, licked and sucked is absolutely divine!

Golden Showers – because sometimes Subs are dirty and need to bathe in their Mistresses mystical waters.

Harley Sin – one of my favourite Dommes to duo with. We are the perfect blend of sugary sweet bitches that love to play good cop bad cop then switch roles just to confuse!

Humiliation  – If your Sub needs to feel worthless and inferior it’s entertaining to poke fun, tease, and humiliate with stupid and ridiculous punishments!

Isolation – Blindfolds, restraints and leaving a Sub in the dark on his own tends to rectify poor behaviour.

JOI – (jerk off instruction) because some Slaves need to be told what to do for their Mistresses amusement!

Knismolagnia – tickling slaves brings much mirth and merriment!

Latex, leather – feels simply amazing to wear. Also fun to dress a slutty Sub in!

Masks – for when your Subs face should not be seen! Or for terrifying small people at Halloween!

Nettle play and nylons – there is no other word than thrillingly hilarious to watch a Sub with nettles in his pants twitch and squirm! Nylons – wear them, make him wear them, put them over his head or use them as ties and gags!

Oral – Watching a Sub give oral to a sex doll or dildo is better than any reality tv show.

Power play – Being of the highest ranking order whilst your Slave submits to being your inferior is an enjoyable game with endless avenues of fun and release for both.

Queening – Using a Subs face for pleasure. What isn’t there to like!

Restraints and role play – Tieing up a slave pleases me greatly and role play is an imaginative game of fantasy that makes life more exciting!

Strap-on – Having a sub suck my strap-on and be taken from behind is agreat way for him to demonstrate his servitude.

Tie and tease – Teasing a restrained Sub is very entertaining. He is like putty in your hands.

Underwear – Make him wear it on his head, face, sniff it lick it, even gag him with it. Maybe make him sniff his own if you are feeling really mean!

Violet wands – the electro-stimulation device’s more sensual, less vicious sister!

Wax play – no pain no gain! Plus it makes such pretty abstract patterns!

X rated movies – Show your Slave what he will never get to enjoy! 😉

Yoghurt – spoon feed him, drip it on him, spit it on him, fill his bottom with it. This is a highly diverse food product that has so many uses!

Zips – When your Sub has too much to say or whines annoyingly, put him in a gimp mask and zip it up!