Masked Role Play Fetish

Recently I encountered a sub with a very unusual and interesting fetish. Roland has a big thing for mask, gas masks and bandit style handkerchiefs worn around the neck and face so it was a good opportunity to get into a juicy role and play the big bad bitch!

We began the role play on the pretext that Roland was visiting fix my computer. I would attempt a seduction and when he declined interest I would become enraged and chloroform him. Of course we did not use actual chloroform – that would be ridiculous! It’s the fantasy of it that makes it so exciting. We substituted with poppers.

Once I had wrapped a ‘chloroformed’ hanky over Roland’s face I secured his wrists, knees and ankles with duck tape.  Then I removed the head scarf and donned a pair of red leather gloves, a black balaclava and a tied a handkerchief around my face. I looked like I was taking part in a Mexican standoff which made the role play feel more thrilling. I love to lose myself in a world of fantasy and pretend that I am a twisted villain. Then a funny thing happened once I slipped on the mask and handkerchief – my voice changed! At points it become deeper and more threatening. I can only assume that wearing the gear triggered something in my mind and reminded me of something I once saw in a movie – but I felt absolutely and totally bad arse and I was going to ruin my helpless slave!

He started swaying woozily after a while – poppers can do that! I teased him mercilessly and blackmailed him – in role of course.  He looked terrified and aroused all at once.

For the big finale after drugging my captive repeatedly with poppers, I ordered him to lie on his front and pleasure himself.  When he could last no longer and collapsed on the bed and was like a jellyfish that had been washed ashore  – all splayed out and drained!

Once he got his breathe back, I tried on one of his gas masks and advanced towards him in a threatening manner. Talking through the mask I sounded like a more feminine version of Darth Vadar.

Gas Mask FetishRole play is a wonderful thing to explore – I really could do these all day.