Bitchy Berkshire Mistress Teaches Twinkle Toes A Little Lesson

My Slave had been a very naughty little chappie. I told him to bring a list of reasons why he should be punished. If I didn’t think he was telling the truth I would beat him. If I thought he was telling the truth I’d beat him. It was pretty much a lose-lose situation for him to be honest.

He decided that honesty was in fact the best policy – good boy – and brought his list along. This is how it read:

  1. Looking at explicit photo’s on the internet.
  2. Wanking over explicit photo’s on the internet without Mistresses permission.
  3. Trying to look up women’s skirts on the tube.
  4. Lying to Mistress last week about looking at pictures on the net.
  5. Squealing like a bitch boy when Mistress punished me last.
  6. Dressing up in my flatmates knickers when she was out.
  7. Being cocky and not addressing my Mistress properly last time.
  8. Failing to please my Mistress
  9. Being a useless specimen of the male species as pointed out by Mistress
  10. Not putting in a 100% and doing my best.

Oh dear, oh dear. Little Twinkle Toes was in very big trouble indeed it seemed.

He arrived and I politely asked him to sit. “I think it’s time you and me had a little chat.” I said slowly.

“Have you brought me what I requested of you?”

He proffered a list with shaking hands. He always knew he was in big trouble when I was calm and focussed. He wiped a bead of perspiration from his brow with a trembling hand

“Mistress, permission to speak”

“Granted my little cupcake.” I said tossing a lock of hair behind my back.

“I have brought you a gift Mistress. I hope it doesn’t disappoint you too much.”

“Why, that is very gracious of you.” I said “It was very considerate of you to bring me a little present.” I tossed aside the chocolates without looking at them.

“Now, on to more pressing matters.” I pondered the list before me. Then looked up and smiled. He seemed to exhale a breath of relied and I slapped him across the chops twice wiping off the smile that had begun to form on his face.

“Now sit and wait. “ I told him as I left the room to fetch water.

Upon my return the little bleeder was smoking. A prohibited act that I hadn’t forbidden him the privilege of.

“Looks like you left something off the list Twinkle Toes.” I took the cigarrete from his shaking hands and stubbed it out on the leg of his jeans. He shrieked loudly.

“Next time it will be straight onto the flesh” I warned.

“Understood Mistress!”

“Now my little ray of sunshine. Strip naked for me.” He took off his clothes and I proceeded to empty a bottle of vodka over them. In fact it was water but my bitch boy did not know this.

“I’m popping these in a steel can in the kitchen. If you disappointment me in this session I will throw a match in with them and you will have to go home in one of my tiny mini skirts, a crop top and a thong. Understood?”

“No please Mistress!’ I slapped him hard across the face. “Sorry Twinkle Toes, I didn’t hear you. Say that again..”

“Nothing Mistress!”

I left the room with the clothes and hung them to dry on the radiator.  Then I lit a match and blew it out.

I returned to the room with the smoking match and breathed a sigh of satisfaction. He looked like he was about to soil himself. I love to mess with their minds sometimes. The silly billy was clearing envisaging his clothes roaring in a fury of flames. At least that’s what his face told me.

“Don’t worry Twinks, be a good little boy for me and everything will hunky dory.”

I grabbed his hair and forced him on his knees then popped a ball gag in his mouth and tightened it. One swift push and he was on all fours.

“Twinks. I need some good quality entertainment. Today you will be putting on a little show for me.”

I opened the wardrobe and pulled out a blowout doll I had dressed in a bra, suspenders and hold ups.

“Dolly has been feeling a bit lonely lately Twinks.” I said. “I want you to make love to her and show her a good time.” He slid himself into the doll awkwardly looking very red in the face. He looked embarrassed.

He started a slow rhythm pumping the doll on the floor whilst I sat on the bed and commented. “She don’t look too happy sunshine. Surely you can do better than that. No wonder you can’t get a woman! Grab her breasts, play with them. Slower, faster. Stop, now fast….and slow….”

Twinks was struggling and looked flustered and I laughed.  “Now fast!” I ordered “faster, faster!” he started grunting like he was about to explode so I yelled “STOP.” he stopped and a heard a huff of disappointment through the gag, so I whacked him hard across the arse with my cane.

He yelped and then I shoved his head onto the floor and his face into the carpet.  Whilst he waited in that absurd position with his face on the floor and arse in the air I stepped into my Strap-On.  Then I pulled off his ball gag and seated myself on a comfortable cushion. I chose a fluffy one as I like to dish out my punishments whilst indulging myself in absolute comfort.

“Crawl towards me.” I commanded.

He crawled on his knees, fear in his eyes.

“Open your mouth.” I instructed.

He opened his mouth and I slipped my lovely little 12 inch dildo into his waiting cake hole. He started sucking greedily so I slapped him again. “Slowly bitch.” I instructed. “Now kiss it.” My sub kissed it with little pecks.

“Tell  my dildo that you love it and want it.”

“Dildo I love you and want you.” he said blandly.

“With conviction boy, with conviction” I said exasperated and whacked him in the mush with my slipper.

He grasped the dildo and eyes wide he said “I love you so much dildo. I want you! I want you so much!”

I smiled and ruffled his hair. “Good boy.” I said. “Guess what my dildo wants you too. Face in the carpet  – now!”

He buried his face, his rump high just how I liked. I spit on the strap-on and then slowly worked it into his arse. I pumped him for a minute or so then told him to ride back on it like a slut. He complied and started to ride it like Demi Moore in Striptease.

“Good little Slut!” I rewarded him “Now moan like a girl.” he started to moan and groan like a Porn star and quivered all over.

For the final part of his training I told him from now on he was only ever allowed to cum whilst he had something is his arse and was moaning like a girl. Otherwise there would be big trouble. He agreed readily at this point and I slapped his cock slowly with my leather paddle and ordered him to ejaculate onto a towel.

Bitchy Berkshire Mistress

He squirted hard with the strap-on deep in his arse.  I retracted it and said “Oh you dirty little dog. Looks like you have had a little accident.” I grabbed his hair and pushed his head down and rubbed his face in it.

“Now eat it up and jobs a goodun.” I said. He looked up at me with big pathetic cow eyes, whilst cowering on the floor.

“Just eat it and be done with it. I don’t have time for this you dirty little weasel” I said. I pushed his head down and he stuck his tongue out slurping between moaning sounds of misery. This one does like to ham it up the little tinker!

“Right I’m done with you for now” I said in a bored manner.” You can have your clothes intact, one one condition.”

“I will do whatever you say Mistress.”

“Good I said. Pop in this butt plug. Put on this thong, fishnet stockings and bra.” 

I left the room, retrieved his clothes and went back in. He was wearing everything I requested. I checked he had the butt plug in and then allowed him his clothes. I gave him a final whack on the backside and dismissed him from my presence. The unworthy scoundrel slunk out of the room thoroughly humbled!

Another standard day in the life of a Mistress. Enjoy your Sunday everyone and look out as I have eyes everywhere following you!


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