Reading Mistress Presents – Role Play

Today your Reading Mistress Presents Role Play and explores this art form, why it is such a popular activity and what it may involve.

Role Play is the act of taking on a role or character in a fantasy setting. For example a role play could involve two people pretending to be a police officer and a lawbreaker. For example:

“I am arresting you for crimes of a sexual nature. You look far too sexy to be in public.” The ‘criminal’ may protest and offer to “Do absolutely anything to avoid getting arrested!”  It doesn’t have to be a serious crime, it can be as silly as you want it to be! There are so many possible scenarios that can be enjoyed. Here are a few:

Headmaster/Mistress and a delinquent student. There is lots of fun to be had in detention – spanking optional!

Bitchy boss and an employee who is desperate to keep his job. What lengths will he go to please his boss?

Nurse and patient or indeed Doctor and patient or Doctor and Nurse. Know that you are in good hands so should show your medic some real appreciation!

Debt collector and debtor  – You can pay your way out of this in other ways! Maybe even take some physical punishment from your collector you naughty boy!

Prison Warden and prisoner – The prisoner will do absolutely anything to get those extra sachets of ketchup and a beer on Sundays! What will you do for your sexy warden?

Play Everyday And Keep The Doctor Away

The list of possibilities is endless! If you are feeling really creative you could choose to be an Egyptian Goddess and her Slave, a Roman Emperor and his wife or even an alien and her kidnapped subject!

This fetish is so popular due to it’s diversity and it’s ability to transport you into a world where nothing else matters! Furthermore many people find that when they are acting and pretending to be someone else, they feel a lot more comfortable playing out one of their fantasies than they would as themselves. Plus it’s a great way to spark your creativity and get your mind working on other levels. As adults sometimes we forget to ‘play’ and have fun. Life becomes serious and that is when your mind starts to age. If you spend more timing being playful, not only will it enhance your confidence, broaden your horizons and make you feel good about yourself, but it may even bring you closer to your partner, or Mistress. It doesn’t have to be perfect and you don’t need to deliver an Oscar winning performance! The only goal in this is to have plenty of fun! Sometimes things go wrong but seeing the funny side can turn a dull evening into a night of fun and giggles! Consider buying some new outfits and props, give yourself a different name or film character and just roll with it! You could begin in the shower or the kitchen. You could be a waiter or waitress bringing a rich business tycoon a glass of wine and then  – oops –  you spill it all over them! The world is your oyster. You can be anything you want to be.

Fake It

If you are new to this fake it till you make it and just enjoy the experience. There are no right or wrongs in this game of naughtiness, as long as everything is consensual and you are enjoying yourselves.

Reading Mistress Presents

Reading Mistress Presents

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