Reading Domme – Punished Sissy Christmas Elf!

Journal from a Berkshire Domme…

I recently had a Sub write to me asking me to grant his Christmas wish, albeit a little early. This is what happened.

Randy arrived clad in his jeans and a t shirt looking relatively manly for a Sissy Slut. Well I wasn’t having any of that so quickly had him stripped out of his normal clothes. He took a red and white stripy stocking from my hands and set about putting on the garments I had prepared for him. I was already clad in a red Sexy Santa Outit, red fishnet stockings, killer heels and a matching thong. With the dark eye liner I wore  he sad I appeared a very commanding and evil sexy Santa – much to my mirth!

Randy opened the stocking and upon my instructions stepped into a tiny green silk thongs with bells on it. This is so I could hear him tinkling where ever he went. If he moved even a muscle out of place I would hear it and a forfeit would be compulsory. Next he put on the matching bra and pulled on a skin tight green dress with a jagged cut to the hemline and more bells!  Finally we completed the look with a little green hat trimmed with fluff and a bell on the end and a large sprinkle of green glitter! Randy was every inch my naughty little Sissy Christmas Elf! I told Randy he had been a very bad elf this year and had been slow and lazy, so now he must be punished! I took out a giant sack and had Randy crawl into it. I then tied a not in the end as he wriggled around inside. “Are you playing with yourself?” I scolded. Then with that I then tied ropes around his ankles and secured them tightly. Next I tied a rope around his middle. Soon Randy was all trussed up like a Christmas turkey! I then threatened that in future if he was a naughty elf again, not only would he not get any Christmas presents, but I would drive him into the middle of nowhere and leave him there! “In fact” I said “Maybe I should get my other Mistress friends round to make use of you!”  “No no” He pleaded!

Want to know what happened next? wait for Part two of: Reading Domme – Punished Sissy Christmas Elf to read more tales and anecdotes from your Reading Domme!

Reading Domme

Reading Domme

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