Worship – Thrilling Your Mistress

Worship At Your Mistresses Temple

Worship is a word that is used to describe a Sub who idolises a Mistress and her body and will worship parts of her body or the whole body. This can include kissing and licking the feet, massaging them, kissing the legs or buttocks or sometimes even more unlikely areas such as the armpits.

This allows this Sub to feel inferior and vulnerable in front of his Mistress as he kneels naked before her, waiting to be instructed on how to please his Mistress best. For those who are Submissive and eager to please, there is nothing more exciting than doing a commendable job of pleasing his Goddess and showing his appreciation. Throughout history humanity have always wanted to worship something whether it be pagan gods, rockstars or tv characters. In this case the need to worship is fetishised and the subject of their worship is a dominant women who they can bow down too.  Well I suppose if more people worshipped Mistresses instead of God’s there would be less wars and conflict in the world! 😉

Personally I adore this fetish. To see a man humbled and on his knees before me and hanging on my every command is both empowering and exciting. He will no speak unless spoken to or he may ask ‘Permission to speak Mistress’. I bend my Slave completely to my will and take charge of what he will do next. I always dress to suit the occasion. For example I have one Sub that absolutely loves to kiss a curvy bottom encased in tight latex, so when he arrived I am clad in a latex dress he is already happy beyond belief and eager to please. Other Subs might prefer sheer stockings, suspenders and some of my sexiest high heels. Some prefer bare flesh and others are really turned on by leather, PVC, satin or something deliciously kinky.

Occasionally I will punish a slave if he dribbles over me or manages to nip me with his teeth. I will order him to wipe off the drool, or if he has been careless and not gentle enough then he may be instructed to sit in the corner wearing a blindfold or some other fitting punishment that pops into my head.

Slaves can worship whilst on there knees, whilst restrained or chained and collar, or even whilst being made to wear a butt plug and stockings or tights. I enjoy the worship but also part of the enjoyment for me is getting inside the Subs head to make the session even kinkier, to mix and blend rewards and punishments that leave him feeling vulnerable and Submissive yet excited. I may even dress a Sub in the panties I have been wearing or gag him with a pair and challenge him to worship with his mouth full of satin.

I may just have to get a specially made throne now fit for a Princess, where I can sit majestically in my thigh higher leather boots, giving orders and dominating men the way they should be dominated! 😉

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Love and Lashes  – Princess Kaz



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