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One of my Subs once said to me that if Water Sports was an Olympic sport that I would be a gold medalist! Whilst I can’t see this ever taking off at the British Olympics (sadly) it’s good to know that I am at least a champion amongst my Subs!

What is Water Sports you might be wondering? I am not referring to a day out on jet ski’s or even scuba diving, but in fact the act of urination…usually onto a Slave which is then called ‘A Golden Shower’. This is an extremely popular fetish with many of the kinky minded wishing to indulge in this naughty past time.

For some it is an act of ultimate humiliation to have their Mistress piss on them from a great height! For others it is a more erotic and sensual experience to look up and see their Mistress showering down a waterfall of golden rain onto their naked form.

I’m told that some ladies get stage fright or just ‘can’t go’ on command.  If you practise those muscles regularly it’s a piece of piss – literally!

In the olden days (2005) which I now refer to as the UK Porn Golden Age, I was known for my naughty outdoor excursions where I would shoot movies taking a tinkle somewhere such as Chelsea Bridge or other iconic areas. These days I prefer to keep my bathroom habits behind closed doors and preferably onto a Sub!

The first ever Golden Shower I ever gave to a sub was on the tiled kitchen floor in my old farm house style bungalow. It was all going swimmingly well until the kittens crept in and took an interest! Cats (quite like my Subs) have no morals when it comes to such ‘tasty’ smelling liquids! I had to round the kitties up at light speed, shut them out of the room and then restart the video camera.

A Golden Shower is just the ticket for jelly fish stings and the deviantly minded

I’ve seen all kinds of fetishes over the years. Slaves who like wettings (panty wetting) those who like to drink wee wee from a pint glass, Slaves that like to be peed on and even a Sub who brought a funnel with him so he didn’t waste a single drop. He was a true connoisseur and I was honoured to discover that apparently mine is one of the most finest vintages and he adored my ‘sweet champagne’! 😉 Funnily enough my very first website was called Champagnetease. I just liked the sound of it when I bought the domain but perhaps in a way it indirectly encouraged this deviant art!

I have many anecdotes from over the years, here’s a few that stand out for me:

One is a guy that wanted a golden shower but then would pretend to cry when I did it – that’s just what he enjoyed! Another time I had a sub that asked if I would give him a golden shower and then order him to drink his own pee. I led him to the bathroom and relieved myself with him sat in the bath and me standing on the sides of the bath. He scooped it up like a small child playing in the bath splashing it over himself. Then I passed him a cup which he filled. He swigged it and gulped it down. Then he took a big gulp and blew it upwards and over his head in a way that reminded me of a blow whale! I’m not one to insist on domme sessions being completely serious (after all it should be fun) so I giggled and told him he was a dirty boy and I would have to punish him!

Probably the most extreme session was ‘The Pool Of Piss’. Another domme and I sat our Sub in a paddling pool and then proceeded to fill the pool up using nothing but our bladders. Well that naughty Slave was as happy as a pig in sh** and splashed around and blew bubbles in the water with his mouth. He was having so much fun that we decided to throw in a little rubber duckie and a toy boat for him to play with much to his delight.

Oh I almost forget to tell you about the ‘Piss Cubes!’ I was dreaming up new ways to indulge my piss guzzling Slave when I embarked upon this venture. I froze some pee in ice cube trays and also made a dildo shaped ‘Pisscicle’ lolly pop. The ice cubes were to pop into his naughty bottom as punishments and the ‘Pisscicle’ was a lovely treat on a hot summers day! Of course, he was only allowed to enjoy this treat by performing fellatio on it like a bitch. He obliged with plenty of enthusiasm I am pleased to say!

Are you a water sports fan? Feel free to share your comments and naughty stories in the comments box.

Golden Shower Meme

Princess Kaz x

Water Sports Reading – for a safer thrill seeking experience!

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  1. Calum - 1st June 2016 at 9:38 PM -

    My main interest in watersports is wetting, rather than golden showers. I love watching a woman desperate to pee and then wetting herself. Or a woman that’s too lazy to go to the bathroom and just pees herself wherever she is.

    I’ve had an interest in watersports for 36 years now! And my enthusiasm has never declined. In fact, I love it as much today as I have ever done. Wetting is wonderful. Why go to the bathroom when you can pee in your pants?!

    The beauty of the internet is the amount of watersports material there is available to watch and enjoy. We are spoiled, in fact! There’s so much to choose from. We’ve come a long way since the days when I bought Cascade and Wet Set fanzines back in the 90s.

    On the topic of pee in ice cubes, I remember a story when in her youth, Belinda Carlisle used to make pee ice cubes at her parties for people she didn’t like. Damn, I wish I was one of her unpopular guests!