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Your Mistress In Reading explores Ursusagalmatophilia

Ursusagalmatophilia – sounds quite sinister doesn’t it? Nothing could be further from the truth though! This rather long greek word — refers to an individual who is turned on by….wait for it…..Teddy Bears!

Teddy Bear lovers are also called Plushies, and nothing gets them hotter under the collar than the sight of a big stuffed bear or animal. I’m betting that trips to Hamleys’s and ToysRus must be absolute heaven for a plushie! Although I imagine a male plushie might end up accidentally knocking a few things off the shelves every time he turned round in a state of excitement.

Plushie Love

Whilst my research tells me that this is very much a sexual fetish rather than a romantic one, I can’t help envisaging a plushophile sat with his or her favourite bear at the candle lit table with a red and white checked cloth and a bottle of wine whilst they gaze into each others eyes lovingly!

When I first encountered a plushophile, I honestly thought he was a prankster having a laugh, but it turned out he was deadly serious about his fetish and I learnt something new. The first occasion we ‘met’ was on Skype. He placed his favourite Teddy Bear – a rather lop-sided,  jolly looking chap in front of his webcam. He would imagine that the Teddy was him whilst I spoke to him. This was to be no slow seduction however. He wanted me to insult the bear and tell him how worthless he was, then  – ‘knock the stuffing out of him!’.  So I told the bear he was a fluffy little twerp and that I was sickened to see such a pathetic specimen in front of me. I commanded him to slap himself (re-enacted by the plushophile who moved the bears hands beating his furry head) and I scoffed that he didn’t even have a penis so was no use to anyone. The plushophile became quite animated at this point and had the little bear hit itself furiously. The stuffing wasn’t knocked out, but by the groans I heard coming through the webcam, it seemed to have the desired effect!

Play Time

I later met this ‘Sub’ in person. He changed into a fluffy little romper suit with ears on the hood and he looked so adorable I just wanted to hug him! He wanted to be bullied a little, pushed around, slapped and told that the other toys were better than him. At one point he wanted me to sit on his furry back and tell him he was a good teddy. He seemed to enjoy a manic personality – switching between punishment and then lots of hugs and pats on the head. I have to admit it was a lot of fun and I sort of envied his fetish in a nice kind of way! Of course this is only one plushie’s tastes and I would say he entered more into ‘Furrie’ territory. A furrie tends to prefer dressing up as an animal and play with other human’s dressed as animals.

Getting The Hump

Usually those with a plushie fetish tend to enjoy sex acts with cuddly toys, whether it be simulation/dry humping or strapping on sex toys. It might sound a touch bizarre but it’s also sort of cute, in an odd kind of way. Although I can’t say I’ve seen anyone try to hump a teddy bear yet (except my old King Charles Cavalier Spaniel) and if I did I doubt I would be able to hold the giggles back!

So, next time someone invites you up to their room and it’s full of stuffed animals, they are either a big kid who hasn’t grown up, or they have a secret fetish! 😉

I’m keen to hear comments from Plushies and Furries so please feel free to leave one below. Perhaps what it’s like to have this fetish, how other people react to it, and any other interest points you would like to mention.

Love, lashings and big bear hugs

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