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Fetish has always been popular throughout history. The Marque De Sade was a huge fan of BDSM as were the Roman’s and The Tomb Of The Floggings in Tarquinia depicts orgies with participants being whipped. These date back to 470BC making them an impressive 2500 years old nearly! Foot fetish dates back to 1220 and historians believe that this grew out of public fear of catching STD’s during the Syphilis outbreaks.

Uk Fetish

Fetishes are often born out of fears or censorship or exposure to unusual content. Whilst fetish is as old as the birth of ancient civilisations, it is now more documented and commonplace due to the internet and media.

In the past someone may have loved feet or latex but kept it as a guilty secret. Nowadays there are entire websites and communities dedicated to all kinds of wonderful fetishes from feet and rubber through to domination and strap-on play!

The Story Of O published in 1954 was a tale of fetish on one girls erotic journey into BDSM. However the film version was never a massive hit and didn’t have quite the budget of 50 Shades Of Grey. In the last ten years the media has had a growing fascination with fetish with more people willing to speak out on their favourite kinky antics. 50 Shades came at just the right time, appealing to housewives and people of all ages across the country who rushed out to buy fluffy handcuffs and paddles from their local sex shop or Ann Summers. The movie adaption worked to further the hype until fetish has become more accepted and less of a taboo in Westernised countries such as The UK and USA. Fetish mania is now upon us and has found it’s bubble!

Uk Fetish

These are some of the most popular fetishes amongst men according to my research:

Cross Dressing

Foot Fetish


Strap-On Play

Corporal Punishment/Spanking

Uk fetish

Nowadays not only can fetishists find their fix on the internet but they can visit Bizarres and meetings dedicated to fetish and need only pop to their local mall to find some handy equipment! If Ann Summers is a bit too namby pamby for you then Riding equestrian centres are great for riding crops and straps, and hardware stores are perfect for finding all manner of ropes, chains, clips and hooks!

If you would much rather practise in privacy and don’t have a play partner you can easily find a Mistress on the internet in your local area where you can leave yourself in her capable hands to help you experience and explore the world of fetish.

Uk Fetish

I hope you enjoyed reading this. What’s your favourite fetish? Feel free to leave your comments below!

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