The Truth About Lifestyle Slaves

With so much fetish and BDSM on the internet there are more and more Vanilla’s (BDSM Virgins) dipping their toes into the world of fetish and experimenting with things they had never before considered. You may also be surprised to learn there is also an increasing number of submissive males who are living the BDSM lifestyle around the  clock and devote much of their free waking hours to fulfilling their need to be collared and owned by a Mistress.

These gentlemen live and breathe fetish. When possibly they will spend as many hours of the day possible serving their Mistresses and will often be ‘given homework’ to take away and complete whilst not in their Mistresses presence. This could be a simple task such as wearing women’s panties for an entire evening,  although it may go as far as allowing their Mistress to view them online 24/7 via a webcam.

I took to social media and my little black book to find out more about the secret life of a lifestyle slave. You will be quite fascinated by what you are about to discover.

Cross Dressing & Long Term Submission

Simon is 40 and works as a warehouse manager. Simon first discovered that he enjoyed being dominated when he was 16 and started to ring chat lines. He found this was a huge turn on, but that was another part of him that he struggled to understand at the time. He found himself compelled to buy women’s magazines and it was not long after that he found himself trying on a women’s skirt for the very first time and his alter ego Samantha was born. The next step was buying red lipstick, stockings and suspenders as well as fake chicken fillet boobs to really enhance the transformation. Simon admits he regularly visits Mistresses and when he is unable to see them in person he will play online. Some of his Mistresses have access to Team Viewer on his computer and are able to watch as he dresses and struts around. Outside of work hours, Simon must be available to become Samantha whenever his Mistress demands it and this excites him a great deal.  During our interview Simon confessed that he wishes he could just be Samantha the whole time and that he feels more attractive as a female. He is even considering taking female hormones.  Is it possibly that Simon is Transgender? “Yes” Simon says, “But it is more than that. I live to serve women and it’s all I think about. Not a day goes by without me thinking about being Samantha. One day I will always be Samantha”  For Simon this really is a lifestyle and something she wishes she could live every single moment of the day.

Lost In dreams Of Fantasy

Slave at the feet of his mistress

Of course not all slaves have the opportunity to visit Mistresses on a regular basis but it certainly doesn’t stop them from submitting to their fetish. Latex Slave, a 42 year old submissive from Surrey reveals that he wishes he could be a rubber clad slave for life and be owned by a Mistress 24/7. Being unable to get away and see a Mistress some of the time, he spends his free time on his own dressing up in sexy latex costumes. He tells me that he is absolutely addicted to the sensation. Occasionally his desire to experience pegging (strap-on play) becomes so overwhelming he will go to a Mistress and he feels that his fetish is what he lives for. He admits he’d wear it 24 hours a day if he could and yearns to dress in rubber and feel submissive.


Caged & Content

Puppy is 38 and has been in various long term Dom/Sub relationships. He has dedicated his life to his Mistresses over the years and tells me: “One Mistress would call me up and demand I come over to clean her shoes. Sometimes she would order me to strip and send me out into the garden whilst in chastity. I would have to pull up weeds and dig the garden with my little chastity cage dangling around. I didn’t have the cash to see her as much as I wanted but luckily she was having her house renovated and needed an extra pair of hands so I was practically a live in slave at one point”

Puppy also helped his Mistress to run parties and dressed as a maid for these events and served his Mistresses guests in a frilly dress, stockings and a maids hat. If he displeased his Mistress he would be forced into a dog cage and only let out if he agreed to eat dog food. He admits that it was an extremely humiliating task but he longed to please his Mistress and felt unable to give up the lifestyle. Without it he felt empty and felt it was his true calling in life.

A Sweet Addiction

Some submissives like Josie will select just one Mistress and serve them in anyone they can. When Josie is alone she will wear a butt plug and women’s knickers most of the time and once spent 146 days in chastity.


You might think that these guys have nothing to do with their time, but all of them are busy professionals. They simply fill every spare minute with their love of fetish. Josie admits that she even wears women’s lingerie and stockings under her work uniform every day as it makes her feel good.  She will do whatever it takes to please her Mistress and has never refused a task. So knows it will only mean more pain and extra spankings if she doesn’t fulfil her Mistress’s every whim.

Some of these guys leave the house in the morning and catch the tube to their workplace like everybody else. But they carry a kinky secret with them.  Some can’t wait to get home and log onto twitter and start planning their next kinky liaison with a dominatrix, whilst others satisfy their needs with a drawer full of kinky treats and underwear. Some however simply cannot wait until 5pm and find themselves sneaking online in their lunch hour or between meetings to fulfil their fetishes. Slave Kandi is one of the latter.

“The desire to be submissive is intoxicating! I make big decisions all day long and just want to switch off and be told what to do. Sometimes the need becomes too overwhelming. Last week I had a quiet day in the office so had nothing to distract me from my impure thoughts. I scheduled in a fake meeting and within less than an hour I was strapped to a ST Andrews Cross, clad in rubber and being whipped by my domme. I have also played around with blackmail too. My domme knows my work address and has photo’s of me in compromising situations. Sometimes she threatens to expose me and it’s so thrilling, but I trust her not to actually ever do it!”

I asked these guys if they felt they were taking unnecessary risks, but all of those I interviewed seemed to feel as if that had things under their control. They have all built up trusting dom/sub relationships. The only fear that they possess is that one day their urges may take over completely and they will be totally hooked. For now however, they are simply enjoying all that the world of fetish and the many delights it has to offer.

Are you a lifestyle sub or do you dream of being one? How do you feel this effects your life? Please feel free to share your thoughts and comments below!