Torture Garden Fetish Club

Recently I had the great pleasure of being invited to The Torture Garden Halloween Ball by the amazing Tiffany Snow. Now there is an offer you simply can’t refuse – enjoying an evening in a fetish club with a beautiful blonde!

We spent a lot of time choosing our outfits. Tiffany poured her tight, toned curves into a skimpy pink rubber bra top and hot pants and looked absolutely divine. I opted for a fairly dominant look and chose a spike studded bra, a leather mini skirt, a gorgeous leather under bust corset, a pair of kinky studded leather gloves and fishnet stockings and suspenders. We were definitely getting in dressed up to the nines like this!

Me and Tiffany Snow

My expectations were very different to the actual experience. What I imagined was a sneering door person eyeing me up and down with distaste before nodding me in and shooting me a look of contempt. I know – I shouldn’t judge but I’ve heard rumours about these places and foolishly I let them bother me. What actually happened was nothing like this, once we got past the scary queue bouncers bellowing an ear splitting ‘Keep Right’ a lovely smiling lady greeted us in with a warm welcome and she gave us a nod as if to say “Yes you have made plenty of effort, you can come in.” I was so relieved!

With my worries out of the way I had a good look around me and took in the vast array of skimpy, scary, beautiful and imaginative outfits around me. I totally felt at home.

People treat you very differently in a fetish club and everyone was smiling and enjoying themselves. I can honestly say that it is the nicest atmosphere of any club I have ever visited.

Tiffany and I got our drinks from the bar and then explored the fetish rooms, There was a buxom black lady in a cage being teased by a dominatrix with a riding crop and the sub was quivering with pleasure. We wondered into the medical scene and as the domme pulled out a syringe one of the guys in our group freaked out and ran out the room much to our amusement! We didn’t see much of that! Every room was different with all kinds of scenes playing out. The capacity is massive and despite the ball being completely sold out we found there was enough space to not feel claustrophobic like you can in some clubs. As we wandered down into the amphitheatre which over looked the stage there were a few couples making out, caressing one another and getting seriously naughty.

The best part for me was the music. I didn’t know what to expect but there was a lot of dance music and banging beats so I was happy as a perv in a puddle of pee! In one of the smaller rooms they had a mix of classic hits playing and when ‘You Never Can Tell’ (Pulp Fiction) began to play  – myself and one of the guys danced like John Travolta and Uma Thurman in Tarantino’s classic movie. In most clubs this would probably be met with looks of derision and scorn but everyone who noticed us larking around just smiled and some even joined in.  So much for the fetish crew being snobby – this is simply not the case!

My Torture Garden Fetish Outfit

After our antics on the dance floor we went to dance downstairs in the main room. There were so many different things occurring at once. In a cage above us to the left was a lady dressed in a tiny dress and she was being fondled by three different guys. She was looking round and really enjoying the fact she had an audience. When I caught her eye she smiled at me and I smiled back as if to say ‘You naughty girl!”

On stage was a presenter dressed like the Joker who was introducing various acts. We would have stayed around longer to watch the incredible floor shows taking place but we were keen to check out the couples room!

The couples room was quite dark and as we entered the room we saw a mass of bodies writing in ecstasy. People were kissing and doing all manner of naughty things and I can see why there was such a big queue to get into this room!

Torture Garden is a great night for kinksters and couples who want to lose a few of their inhibitions. It’s a very chilled out environment with no pressure. You will not be pressured to do anything you don’t want to – it’s completely against the rules to do so. Trust me, it’s an easy, care free place where you can dabble, experiment, watch or even just enjoy a night out dressing up in a wild outfit!

Try it – you are missing out until you do!

Tiffany and I enjoyed ourselves so much and got on like a house on fire! We are getting together in the next month or so to experiment, meet with slaves and film plenty of kink! Stay tuned for more news!