Tie, Tease and Anal Play

I enjoy blending erotic play like tie and tease with other elements such as cross dressing, anal play, face sitting or trampling.

Tie and tease can take place anywhere that you can comfortable tie somebody down. Sometimes I may use a bed but today I opted to start with a chair. I blindfolded my sub with a black leather blindfold and tied his wrists behind his back and his ankles to the chair legs. After checking his restraints to ensure he was tightly bound I began a teasing lap dance, brushing against him and grinding my bottom towards his chest. being unable to move even a finger in my direction this was both frustrating and thrilling for him judging by what was going on in his pants!

Tie and tease can be mild and sensual with tickling, feathers and stroking or it can be more severe and involve some pain play too. My Slave Horace quite enjoys a good dose of pain so I incorporated some pain play into the mix too. Between teasing strokes with my finger nails, I dealt him a couple of hard crops to his inner thighs and dinky! Horace was beginning to breathe hard – you could practically see the windows steam up in the room! I trailed my nails everywhere apart from near his man bits and then took out my flogger which I used to trail up and down his legs and over his cock before giving it a nice hard whack with the flogger. He flinched and reacted with pleasure moaning slightly. I repeated this several times, using different strokes and different implements working him up into a frenzy…then I gave his dinky a good hard slap!

Woman dominating a man

After sometime Horace was transferred to the bed with his wrists and ankles tied. I began with a good firm spanking, starting off softly and building up the intensity until his bottom was roasting under my hand and starting to smoke slightly!

Once satisfied that his bottom had been severely punished, I rolled my bound slave onto his back and commenced once more with the teasing. I pushed my fishnet covered cleavage in his face and he strained to see under his blindfold, but I punished him with a thwack to his balls with my paddle!

Then I used his face as a seat and told him to sniff my panties whilst I giggled at him, trapped below me, tightly restrained and unable to escape!

Slave then suggested that I whip his bottom hole. I thought this was a fabulous idea and selected a nice narrow leather riding crop for the job. Like a good willing servant he reached back and spread his cheeks like a good boy whilst I alternated between light taps to this bottom hole and good hard whacks. Slave was really in his element and loved this slightly alternative pain play. After a while I decided a change of plan as I didn’t want him to get too used to the sensation. I took out a pink vibrator and slipped a condom onto it. Setting it to high speed I teased his bottom. Slave became so excited he practically sucked it straight in! I used the vibrator whilst using a paddle on his balls simultaneously and Horace started to get really worked up, panting heavily and moaning.

“Please hit my cock” he begged so I obliged. “Harder Mistress please harder!” I whacked his cock hard with the toy deep inside his bottom. “Punch my cock Mistress!” he pleaded! Surprisingly punching a cock can be pretty entertaining business! So I happily obliged, allowing my inner evil super villain to be unleashed. This sent my Sub over the edge and he squirted thick jets all over his thighs!

Tie and Tease is generally a very gentle form of domination and in vanilla play is more about eroticism. This scenario however contained elements of BDSM and kink as well as tie and tease, so if you have a vanilla partner you might really want to tone it down a lot! However if your playmate loves a little pain –  feel free to go wild with your imagination and incorporate nipple clamps, pegs, electrics – anything your hearts desire! Keep it fun and varied, try not to do one thing for too long as the sensation becomes to familiar and ceases to be as exciting as when you switch between moves and games!

Princess Kaz

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