Tickling (Knismolagnia) – Fetish Of The Day ‘T’

Your Watford Dominatrix Presents Knismolagnia – otherwise known as tickling fetish. This describes someone who is either turned on by being tickled or by tickling somebody else.

This one is probably not as odd as you might initially think! Just look at all those old movies and tv series where boy meets girl, boy and girl become friends, boy tickles girl, boy and girl become enmeshed in a passionate clinch which ultimately ends in lip locking action!

Tickling And Physical Bonding

Tickling can be a tad annoying at times, but throughout  the years it has also played a major role in social bonding. A playful tickle (away from the erotic areas of course) can be playful and an inoffensive of introducing an affectionate ‘touch’ to explore boundaries between people. Of course between an adult male and female this is obviously heavy flirting from the instigator, but the the receiver’s response to the tickling can be very telling. If the tickling is received with giggles and a submissive stance the receiver is probably enjoying it. If the receiver growls with rage and batters you it’s a no brainer!

For some though, tickling is not merely foreplay. It is an incredibly erotic event that in itself is better than sex. The same way that for same people a chocolate gateaux is better than sex!

Some time ago Mistress Paige and I met with a gentlemen who had this fetish. We tied him up and then tickled him on his feet, his stomach and his armpits. He was clearly enjoying himself, but the best bit was his manic giggling. He was like a little boy in fits of laughter and his laugh was very contagious. It was probably one of the most fun sessions as none of us could stop giggling!


Of course this is still a game of control and submission. I find this a little fun, but for me I always have to fight back, never being one to role over and submit. A mistress always likes to be in charge, even when she lets you think that you are! 😉 As a Domme I would never allow a Sub to tickle me, but quite delight in tormenting my Subs with this heinous act! 😉

For the tickle Slave Peter, it was very much about being tied and helpless and subjected to mercilessly tickling. For him the thrill was being restrained and trying to escape it but being unable to.

We have all seen those cartoons where the bad guy has somebody tied up and is torturing his victim with tickles. Sometimes this is portrayed with a feather duster on the feet and the victim screams ‘NO’ whilst in fits of giggles! This demonstrates there is a very fine line between pleasure and torture – dare you cross it? 😉

This fetish is pretty much completely harmless as long as it’s consensual! Have fun!

Your Watford Dominatrix  – Princess Kaz X

Tickling (Knismolagnia)

Tickling (Knismolagnia)

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