Thirsty For Fetish

I love all things Vampire, from Anne Rice’s Vampire Chronicles through to HBO’s True Blood. If it has Vampires in it then it has my attention. I just love the idea of seductive immortal beings that are ultimately powerful. Of course I have no interest in being it’s victim, I would want the complete transformation and to become one of these beings myself. With this in mind this worked really well for a role play with my Sub ‘Abs.’

For the session I dressed in a red crushed velvet dress, an under bust corset and very dark black stockings.  I added a pair of sexy fangs, killer heels…and I was all ready to terrorise my little human plaything!

Abs cowered and pleaded in the corner as I approached him. I knew this one might try to flee to safety so I quickly bound his wrists with heavy duty rope, then placed an enchanted chain around his leg which would leave him confused and in a trance. He stopped pleading and instead shivered. I threatened that I was extremely thirsty and that he should obey my every command if he were to survive.

“Worship my boots miserable human.” I spat scornfully. Then I sat back and watched as he lapped at my boots in desperation, eager to please me. Throughout this exercise I told him that it was lucky for him that I had just drank but he better be good as I have a big appetite and the bare flesh of his neck was so tempting.

I trailed a fingernail across his neck. “You smell so sweet and tasty human. I bet if I were to drink from you, you would taste like honeysuckle, I can barely resist.”

Mistress Kaz As A vampire

Then I bared my fangs again and hissed which made him tremble and try to back away. I laughed mockingly at this pathetic mortal trembling before me and reminded him that I was stronger, more powerful and could easily drain him before he couldn’t even move a finger.

I grew tired of this pitiful creature licking my boots like some kind of animal, so decided to punish it for boring me. Of course I teased it mercilessly first, trailing a soft leather flogger all over it’s body, and watching it’s face as he waited for the lashes to come. And come they did, hard and fast, making him yelp like a little bitch! His balls were fun to play with. I bound them tight and punished them with a riding crop.

I had to leave the room at one point and upon my return the human was trying to escape from his restraints. I was furious and flew across the room – my eyes wide with anger, sneering and hissing. I heaved it’s puny body across my lap and gave it such a spanking it cried out loud. In fact I didn’t stop until it’s backside was crimson red…a wonderful colour! It looked so tasty with the blood rushing to the suffer that it too every once of my willpower to stop myself from devouring it there and then.

I couldn’t resist a good squeeze either to see how much this miserable, weak little species could take. For a human it did relatively well. So a good hard slapping was needed to ensure he remembered who was boss.

I could sense my human was starting to weaken so I decided to feed it. I have heard that humans have silly little flat teeth which are better equipped for eating soft squishy foods. I suppose I had to keep this source of entertainment (and energy) alive, so reluctantly I decided to chew some food up for it to make it easy to swallow. It was disgusting having to put these vile human foods in my mouth – yoghurt, strawberry’s, chocolate. I shuddered as I chewed, Vampires are not suppose to chew these sorts of atrocities! I spat the food out in disgust into his open mouth. The human seemed to appreciate the food and I think I almost saw a smile. He was enjoying it far too much! I ordered him to lick the last remnants from my bare feet and not to leave a single drop or my fangs would be buried deep within his neck!

Over time I broke the creature down. It stopped looking so terrified and seemed mesmerised instead. “Mistress” it said “I will always serve you loyally. Don’t eat me. I will do whatever it is you ask of me.”

Human men are especially weak. They go all gooey eyed when I saunter around in my corsets and heels. A flash of flesh and seductive eyes turn them to jelly. Even when they are afraid of me they still can’t control their stupid little willies! It just makes hypnotising them so easy. They are like putty in my hands. It’s no challenge at all really, yet still I enjoy it. Watching their weakness overpower them, having them submit full to me.

Domme Kaz As A Vampire

I admit, it did cross my mind that I could destroy this human, feast upon him and absorb his life force. With deliberation I pondered this and came to the conclusion that it is easy to find food, but not so easy to find dedicated and loyal servants, so I decided there and then that I would allow this human to live and keep him as a pet.

After a couple of hours I was bored of playing with it as I wanted to go out and hunt. I gazed at it, compelling it to look deep into my eyes. “Little plaything” I said “I am permitting you to go home, be thankful for my mercy.  Remember this, I have eyes everywhere,  so you must not tell a soul about my hidden lair or our meeting. Should you dishonour me and break this agreement, I will hunt you down like an animal and I will not show you mercy.”

The human was fully hypnotised and nodded in agreement. With that I ordered it kiss my feet and demanded it leave but return when I sent for it. These humans can make wonderful pets, they are so malleable and easy to train!

I have a great thirst, for energy and for fetish. Which will prove to be the greater of the two?