The Revolution You Have Been Waiting For Is here

A revolution is taking place in the adult industry and world of fetish. You may not know about it yet, but you can be certain it’s happening.

There are many issues that affect performers whether they are in the film or the fetish market. Adult Genie is the next big thing! Genie plan to provide a platform for webcammers, escorts and dommes with higher payouts, lower fees for viewers, faster streaming, better support and many surprises.

Porn Star Tiffany Morris is a big supporter and also has plans underway to provide talent with new methods and extra layers of security and support.

Yesterday we all got together in a secret location to tackle these issues, promote our cause and start filming a transparent, informative and kinky TV show!

Adult Genie and Sexposed have come together with a melding of minds to bring you what YOU want and to protect the interests of the talent!

Sexposed come from a long running broadcasting background and have now entertered into the world of fetish and adult to bring higher quality, better produced television and content for fans of fetish and kink.

Whilst much of what took place is top secret, I can share with you a teaser trailer from some of the footage that Sexposed shot.

Have a sneaky peek and enjoy!

Adult Genie






Sexposed TV


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