Phone Sex – Telephonicophilia

Telephonicophilia otherwise known as phone sex refers to a fetish in which someone becomes highly aroused by making explicit phone calls.

This fetish is pretty common. You only have to look at the sheer number of late night babe channels offering this service and adverts in the back of adult magazines. Most Porn Stars and webcam girls offer this service and those with this fetish are very lucky in this day and age to have such a huge number of service providers available.

It’s Good To Talk

So why do some people enjoy this fetish talking on the phone more than in person. For some, explicit conversation with a stranger arouses them more as it is more of a taboo. Besides they don’t have the worry of saying the wrong thing. This can act as a very safe option for those with this fetish to explore it.

Having worked on many of the late night channels over the years and having my own Adult Work provider profile with webcam and phone, I have had thousands of callers over the years all wanting different things. There is no target audience – callers can be anything from 18 – 70 and some may be home alone and bored, tipsy from a night out or even looking to explore their fetish with someone open minded.

Feel The Force

I have had guys call me that enjoy Sploshing (tipping desserts and soggy foods over themselves) some that enjoy acting like babies and being told they need a fresh nappy, guys wanting plain old vanilla phone sex and even guys that wanted me to pretend I was forcing them into bisexual activity. I mostly get Subs asking to be spanked, wanting to be instructed to masturbate or having me tell them I will make them my bitch and make them take my Strap-on. I love to tell them what to do – sometimes I can be sensual and teasing and at other times mean and bossy depending on how the call goes.

Two Pumps And A Squirt

Often they might have trigger woulds that set them off. For example you might say ‘Sniff my panties’ or ‘I want to punish your co**’ and you will hear a groan as they mumble thank you and hang up.

I’m fascinated by all the different fantasies that exist and find it very entertaining!

I can’t imagine how these guys would cope though prior to the invention of telephones and the mobile phone! Perhaps they would have gone to a secret booth (a bit like Catholics go to confession) and whisper dirty words through a curtain!

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Phone Sex

Phone Sex

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