Super Villain On The Loose – Beware!

The latest news brings reports of a crazed super villain on the loose. This dark and deadly female has been known to lure all manner of perverts and deviants to her lair and then hold them captive for hours, whilst she subjects them to the most abhorrent punishments…and all at their own expense.

The villainess is known to have a huge arsenal of weaponry which she is not afraid to use and more than one victim was seen running from her secret hideout at high speed whilst clutching their bottoms.

We have eye witnesses and victims who have been brave enough to give a statement to the press. One gentlemen said:

“It was quite an extraordinary experience. One moment I was admiring her assets and the next minute I was laid with a pair of women’s panties around my ankles take quite a bashing on the bottom – I nearly lost my monocle at one point! She asked at one point if I’d had enough as I’d started talking in tongues, but I thought to myself – in for a penny, in for a pound! “

Another said “This woman is some kind of evil enchantress and she has a dark and deadly magic about her.  I have always considered myself very much a mans man – pretty masculine. Within moments she had me trussed up like a slutty Christmas turkey – stockings, suspenders the lot. I couldn’t even have ran away if I’d wanted as I didn’t fancy running down the street in full lingerie and heels. This is off the record right? Please don’t quote me on tonights news!”

Our third victim bravely told us: “It’s like I’m under some kind of twisted spell. I keep going back. I just can’t help myself. It’s like I’m addicted to punishment.”


Super Villain On The Loose - Beware!

The reports are pouring in by the dozen and we have many accounts of these strange occurrences taking place.

This mysterious villain remains unknown but is said to use certain code names such as ‘Kazara Of Darkness‘ AKA ‘Princess Kaz’. Whilst she remains at large, we were able to contact one of Kazara’s henchmen Horace Horacio who alleges to be the deadly females spokesperson.

He told us:

“Princess Kaz is largely misunderstood. She is providing a public service by punishing these delinquents and making them atone for their crimes. There are those who make considerable donations to her cause which fund her armoury and weapons of mass distraction. Is she really a super villainess? I dare not say! It would not be in my best interest to divulge such an opinion”

Nothing more is known at this stage. So is Kazara Of Darkness a public menace who leaves those who enter her secret lair with sore bottoms and red faces? Or is this mysterious character an anti-hero who is keeping the streets clean of deviants and kinksters? Over to you – please leave your comments below.