Strap On Training My Sub

A Sub from oop North was eager to undertake some strap on training with me. He had practised with toys by himself but longed for the expert touch of a Mistress to enhance his abilities. He also decided he would like part of the session filmed so I agreed that I would use the video on my adultwork page and give him a copy so that he could enjoy it all over again.

I wore a baby pink leather corset, a black leather mini skirts and black stockings – corset pictured below.

Pink Leather Corset

My Sub was an absolute natural. He sunk to his knees in my presence before I had even instructed him to do so and bowed his head. I ordered him to kiss my knee high leather boots all over. He has a leather fetish so this was a heavenly experience for him and I directed him as he did so. When I grew bored of this I had him worship my legs then decided to start warming him up. He was quite tight when I started to warm his bottom up with some lovely clear purple beads so I agreed he could consume some poppers to help things along. This really relaxed my little sub slut and he soon got into the zone.

He filmed the first part of the session that I did not want a copy of and bless him – he had pointed the camera in the wrong direction. Oh how I laughed. His little face dropped and I said “Don’t worry, leave it to me. I’ll make sure the main event is covered!” Rather than shoot on a big cam I decided to use an app on my machine and pointed in the right direction. Easy when you know how! 😉

Then I stepped into my leather harness, selected a good length dong attachment and eased it in. Slave couldn’t take it hard but he did take it deep! He was moaning like a little sissy and  loving it whilst I verbally teased him! In fact the naughty little tinker loved it so much he exploded like Mount Vesuvius!

Mistress Kaz Training Her Slave

It was a great session and my Slave was delighted. I could really do with a Sub that can take the Strap On hard as this would look fantastic in a video! If this sounds like you then I will offer you a £20 discount to take the strap on whilst being filmed. As always  – of course you can wear a mask. No one wants to see your silly face! 😉

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