Stan’s 7 Day Chastity Challenge

The 7 Day Chastity Challenge! Want to be part of this? Get in touch! You must be prepared to enter into chastity non-stop for one week and keep a diary for me!


Stan is a 36 year old delivery driver. Despite being happily married he craves the feeling of being submissive and has bisexual urges which he could never admit to his wife. Stan has a secret Master who allows him to escape into a world of fantasy and indulge in forbidden acts that his wife would not approve of. He reasons that he is not cheating as it is not an emotional attachment, he merely explores the darker side of his character whenever his urges become too overwhelming to resist.

With this in mind, Stan felt that he was a great candidate for my 7 Day Chastity challenge! The challenge was too enter into chastity for 7 days, no touching, no cheating, no sexual release and definitely no removing the cage! Also Stan must keep a diary throughout the 7 days and journal his thoughts, feelings, cravings and frustration!

It would not be easy, in fact Stan found himself forced to wear the cage for an extra agonising day due to his masters limited availability… times it would drive him almost to the brink of madness….read on to discover the highs and lows of entering chastity.

Special Thanks to Stan’s Master For Allowing Him To Enter My Challenge And Keep A Diary For Me!

Stan’s Diary.

Day 1 Mistress.

Fitting the device is OK although having your cock and balls pulled through the rather small retaining ring was uncomfortable. Once the shaft was on and the barrel lock in I was sorted. Surprised how comfortable. Have been running, had no issue showering but a bit fiddly getting at your cock end but clean which was worrying me.  Having a Pee is a nightmare and I ended up sitting like a girl which is a bit humiliating. I was confident when it went on that 7 days would be fine. Soon forget it’s on as its comfy. What a mistake you are constantly aware of it and its not only on your cock it’s in your mind. At first I was worried it showed through my trousers as my bulge was bigger than normal. It obviously isn’t but it’s in your head. Every woman you meet you think they know. As it plays more on your mind you start to get really horny and find it sexy talking to them with them not knowing you are a slave. Been getting hard more and more but it’s really uncomfortable. By end of day struggling to concentrate on anything. My whole world is my cock and its driving me nuts already. Wife totally unaware which is sexy but bed is a worry. She won’t try it on but she may brush against it. Will sleep with my back to her on my side. Wish my cock would stop trying to get hard. Update more tomorrow. It’s making me feel very sub. X

Chastity Cage

Stan’s Metal Cock Cage

Day 2

Early start today. Not a great nights sleep. Couldn’t relax because of wife and then the stupid amounts of time my cock got hard and woke me was ridiculous. Morning hard on was a killer, really uncomfortable but I liked the hurt. So horny. Had to wash due to pre-cum, it really is such a turn on. My poor brain and cock. More later. Thanks for the cotton bud advice Mistress. X


Got the hang of washing well and happy that it is discrete so feeling more confident in it today. Lot of driving today so was hoping I could switch off a bit and just concentrate on the road and some music. Not a chance the thing is in my head and constantly on my mind. Can’t say I am desperate to cum even though it’s making me so frustrated and horny it’s more the feeling of being under someone’s control and its making me feel so submissive. I say this as I saw a customer today who I see 3 times a week. She is absolutely gorgeous and I would love to see her naked and fuck her. Normally I look at her and imagine she has a beautifully shaved pussy today I’m looking at her getting hard wanting her to have me naked in front of her in chastity and her making me suck a guy off and swallow his cum. It’s having a crazy affect making me want to be sub and humiliated. It’s warping my mind but I’m enjoying it. Im loving the feeling of being controlled. My cock not belonging to me nor my sex life. This little metal device is crazy. Gym and home again all good. Would love a guy to see it at the gym. I wonder how many guys would know what it was and its significance. Loads I bet. Early night as early start. Already bloody trying to get hard so another restless night I bet. Hope that’s ok Mistress.  X

Day 3

Chastity Cage

Stan Found The Metal Bars Quite A squeeze!

After another less than perfect sleep I have decided my cock is a moron trying to get hard so much. Really frustrating night. Being around the wife knowing someone else  now controls my cock doesn’t help. Makes it so sexy and erotic. Love the feel and look of the metal. I’m even enjoying the sight of my cock trying to bulge out the gaps even though it hurts. More later.



Mistress. Busy day today which I thought would distract me. To be fair it did for an hour but then I started to become so aware of the chastity device. Getting a bit of a fixation and stroking it as I drive along. Starting to love the feel of the metal and the groves and ridges. Really like to unzip myself and have a look when I start to get hard. Such a turn on seeing my cock bulging out the gaps. God knows why I’m starting to enjoy how it feels as its driving me crazy. Was delivering in the Cotswolds today. Proper horse country. I drove past a woman out riding in full riding gear, tweed jacket, long Brown boots etc. and carrying a crop. I don’t like CP but I could have pleaded with her to make me undress, bend me over and give me 12 strokes. The thought was so horny I started to pre-cum loads which is not great when you have to wear royal blue trousers to work. I don’t think anyone noticed but it felt good getting damp like that. I seem to be craving things I never did before. Can’t get being made to undress by a Mistress in front of people out of my head. My need for submission and humiliation is through the roof. I really do need bending over for a long drawn out beating. I imagined earlier how cruel it would be to be tied naked in a chair and be seductively teased so you really start to get very hard and are kept like it for a good while. Would he blissful agony. My desires are getting weird. Post more later as turning myself on.


Day 4

Fingers Holding KeysWord of warning to anyone trying it don’t wear trousers that are too tight and don’t cross you legs quick when sat down. That really hurts! I mastered peeing standing up by moving the shaft around and lining things up properly. You do have to hook the whole lot out when you pee which makes it exciting if using a urinal. No idea why I want someone to see me in it. I find the idea so horny. Time for a night of TV and frustration.

Main turn ons are seductive naked lady pictures, sexy naked ladies  – not no-holes-barred stuff though  –  and guys getting CBT when tied down by Mistresses and sexy women.

I find forced bi a big turn on too – ladies making guys have cum in their mouths and swallowing. Very sexy Mistress


I had a much better nights sleep. I’m confident that the wife won’t brush against it now. I have to stay in one position all night more or less and the hard ons are terrible. I’m finding trying to get hard a turn on in itself now. The crushing is feeling good. Still I’m not obsessed with having to cum. I really am loving being so controlled. Even deliberately turning myself on now. Took wife a cup of tea when I got up. Even though I knew she was still not really awake and the room was still quite dark I took it in naked other than my chastity. Deep down I want her to see it now. See my cock is owned. This little piece of metal is bad. 

Day 5

I am seriously tempted to go to a gay bar or sauna and go in the glory hole or anywhere really. Live in a rural area so no chance. Tempted to take the day of so I can be used at a sauna. Strip naked so they see my chastity and suck who ever wants to put their cock through the hole. This is making me so bad. Can’t be good reading. Bulging out the thing is very very uncomfortable but horny Mistress.

Early night as up early for work. Should sleep well as I’m knackered. My poor brain is in overdrive all day. Been deliberately busy so I sleep well. I really am loving being controlled by this thing. Taking it off will be a big come down. Can’t get sucking cock out of my head. More being face fucked. Tied and face fucked to amuse a Mistress. Be amazing. Jeans are hard going in chastity. The heavy material can catch you out when bending down. Crushed my nuts a couple of times. Off to bed to no doubt dream about having to suck cock. Dreading the next 2 days!


Explanation bit. I wrote earlier but predictive text has made it unclear. I was trying to explain that I am bisexual because I have been sucked off by a couple of guys. I have only had one cock in my mouth and that was only briefly. I’ve never another guy cum in my mouth. Never been fucked by or fucked a guy. My Master can’t get hard so it’s pure BDSM play, no sex play. He says he will get a guy that I have to suck etc, but it never happens so my crazy urges are all the more unexpected. I don’t know where the uncontrollable urge to have to perform sex acts on men because a woman is telling me to is coming from. It’s certainly very very sub


Day 6.

Chastity SymbolsI slept really heavy last night. I think I had worn my brain out the last few days. My alarm took me by surprise which was good as I hadn’t had time to start the horny dreams. Sadly this state of normality didn’t last too long and I was soon struggling to contain my constant attempted hard ons. It wasn’t helped by seeing the gorgeous customer again and having a chat. I so want to fuck  her.  What I would have given to bend her over and screw her over the reception desk. No niceties just raw lust. Her arse would look amazing when taking her from behind. I was relieved I was back fantasising about pussy. Imagine shaving her gorgeous pussy while trapped in chastity. Would hurt like fuck but be so worth it. Been having that thought all day. She is stunning. I had one issue today when I accidentally walked into a tubular metal table while carrying a box. The clang of chastity device against metal table was so loud. I didn’t care what the women thought it made me laugh. Thankfully didn’t hurt. I got an odd look from one woman but what the hell. I have reached the point where I’m not sure I want to cum when let out. This level of frustration is amazing and it will take a week to build it back up if I cum. This is bizarre.


Day 7

God it was uncomfortable thus morning. My cock was trying to get so hard it felt like it as pushing it off. Torture on my balls. I look forward to my morning hard on its the most intensely uncomfortable. Immediately my brain is at it and the lovely customer is back on my mind. Have reached the point where I am really enjoying the torment. Really will miss it. Love how the metal feels to the touch. I can’t concentrate on anything though so need to get it off and wank. Was reading a book yesterday and got a few pages in then realised I hadn’t got a clue what I had read. All I can concentrate on is my cock. More later Mistress.


I knew I would see Jen again today. The gorgeous one and as a result was struggling like mad getting hard a feeling pre-cum in my boxers yet again. Things got worse when she appeared with pony tails and thick black framed glasses. Set against her blonde hair she looked just like a sexy teacher. I thought my cock would break. Everything just becomes sexual and generally been orientated in this thing. Just imagining her using a cane on me had me so excited. I had a knot in the pit of my stomach. To top the day off I went to the gym and had to watch girls in skin tight lycra and then naked guys in the showers. 8 days ago I could do my training and not notice anyone. Now I’m seeing everyone as somebody to have sex with. Got to get this off tomorrow. Maybe I like it too much though


Day 8

Have arranged to get key when I finish work at around 4:00pm. Another days torment to go. The trouble is I’m enjoying it. Feels awesome being controlled. I’m not a lie at your feet worship you type of slave, but I do love being controlled like this. If teased I  could easily beg to be allowed out and to cum. My cock never learns, its still trying to get so hard. It wakes me up several times still each night. It’s the not being able to concentrate that’s a nightmare. People must think I have become a right vague idiot lol. So tempted to do it again very soon. What would be the worst, would be to be let out edged then locked up again without cumming. That would be too much. I hope its proved useful to you Mistress.


Got to a customer early so the cleaner let me in. She had tight leggings on that leave nothing to the imagination. Just wanted to be naked doing her cleaning as she watched.


Chastity MemeI imagined her giving me the odd stroke of a cane when she felt like it. All women should be taught at school to keep us in chastity. The world would be my more sensible if all men were being controlled by their cocks. We would definitely behave. (Note from Editor – I quite agree Stan!)

My Master had the key Mistress and I was let out at 5:00pm. The relief when it came off was unbelievable. He decided to edge me with the vibrating wands and I was on the edge in seconds. Kept me like it for 40 mins then made me cum. I shot so hard it went over my head from lying with some hitting my face. Never cum so hard in my entire life. The most amazing orgasm!

Mistress Kaz – ‘That sounds like one hell of a wild ride Stan. A truly torturous yet exhilarating psychological  journey  – any final thoughts?’

The only thing I would add Mistress is once it was off it is almost as someone flips a switch and your thoughts return to normal. I think I will miss the constant obsession. No side effects just a slight bruise from where my cock kept trying to get hard against the metal. Have fun publishing and let me know where I can read it if possible.