Sounding Sessions In Berkshire – Contains Graphic Penis Images

Sounding Sessions In Berkshire. This blog contains a graphic image of a metal sounding rod being inserted into a penis so don’t look if you ¬†re easily shocked! ūüėČ

Most of the sounding I had done to until recently¬†involved electricity, whereby you slide the metal rod down into the Slaves Japs-eye and then get creative with the current and voltage. I also had one Sub that liked to use cotton buds in his Japs-eye. I am not convinced that this is the best idea as there are little fibres on them that can come loose ,so it’s plausible this could cause an infection, Recently I had a Sub come along to a session and bring his own sounding rod He wasn’t a fan of electricity but merely enjoyed the beaded metal rod being inserted down deep into the penis and then pumped in and out a little. I could feel the beads inside through my latex clad fingers and was quite fascinated with the sensation of it.

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He told me that for him, it’s not at all painful…apart from when he has a wee later! I suggested he alkalize his ¬†wee by drinking cucumber or green juice to minimise the stinging sensation when he urinates as urine can be very acid depending on your diet.

I played a little game with Marvin my Sub whilst clad in PVC, boots and latex gloves. I handed him two different pots of poppers and he was to keep himself all poppered up whilst I played with the sounding kit. His legs were tied and his arms at the elbows.  Using my latex gloves I brought my little pet to the edge a few times, each time stopping suddenly and denying him release. Then I took the sounding rod and slid the little beads in one at a time with plenty of lube. Once it was warmed up I then pumped the metal beads in and out, stopping now and again to tease.

Sounding Sessions In Watford

Finally it became all too much for Marvin who managed to trickle a little fountain of milk all over himself with the beads still inserted. I was quite impressed at what he could take and think I may have to get one of these myself now to use on my naughty Subs!

Has anyone out there tried this? Did you enjoy it? Have you used anything else unusual for sounding? I await your comments!

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