Slaves Humiliation On Webcam

Some of my subs crave humiliation and sometimes it’s just not enough for them to feel embarrassed in front of me. In these instances I suggest I pop my webcam on live so that they can enjoy an entire audience tuning in to watch their punishment and depraved activities. This appeals to the exhibitionistic streak in some of my subs and excites them on many levels. To know that others are watching their kinky antics is ultimately thrilling for them.

Some of my previous live webcam sessions have included my Sissies cross dressing on webcam and sucking or taking a Strap on. Others have been bent over my knee and spanked, subjected to verbal SPH (small penis humiliation) foot worship and even more brutal punishments. One of me slaves likes to pretend to be a pig and to be spat on then forced to drink from a pet bowl whilst others watch. The Slave who had his head flushed down the loo live on cam was especially popular and a slave who was put in the paddling pool with eggs thrown at him drew quite a crowd!

Recently I dressed up one of my sissies in stockings, suspenders and a pair of frilly mesh (sheer) panties then made him parade up and down whilst I followed him with the webcam. Next I instructed him to tell the viewers that he is a “Cock Whore” and wanted to please them all. He did so enthusiastically with a look of shame in his eye. Then I proffered a big 12 inch dildo and told him to get to work demonstrating how skilled he is. He looked up at the webcam with big doe eyes whilst slurping on his rubber cock. He did an adequate job but I told him that it wasn’t good enough and now he must take a strap on for the audience.

Cartoon Of A Woman Turns Her Man Into A Sissy

Sometimes I may finish a show by instructing my Slave to wank off in front of the camera. Sometimes I may mock his penis, his inability to keep his hands off his cock or some other aspect off his insecurities. This usually results in them red faced and shooting hard with an audience of up to 20 watching! How humiliating for a dirty little wank Slave!

I love the webcam as I bounce off an audience really well and it makes the experience even more fun with people making comments and suggestions!

Have you ever wanted to be a webcam performer and show of your skills with a Mistress on webcam? Contact me to book a session and make it happen! Or you can book a one to one Skype show with me. Text me to arrange!

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