Slave Takes Mouth Wash Enema Punishment

One of my regular pets Slave Harris first visited me for a whipping session. It transpired that he is quite the masochist and has found over time that there is nothing he enjoys more than being subjected to copious amounts of pain.  Harris isn’t one who gets off on humiliation and he doesn’t enjoy being verbally reprimanded. However he takes physical punishment particularly well and is always eager to have his limits pushed to the very edge.

On his most recent visit I was suitably impressed when he brought with him some mouthwash, toothpaste and a sprig of ginger.  I wasn’t applauding his keen sense of hygiene – this items were purely for kinky purposes.

Hentai Dom CharacterOnce I had bound Harris’ wrists and administered a good hard flogging I had him kneel on all fours. His bottom was to be an experimental ground of fun for me to abuse and use as I see fit. I began with trickling a little mouthwash down his bottom crack and coated his balls and dinky in toothpaste.  He admitted that he didn’t not find the sensation that intense, so my next move was to insert the sprig of ginger into his bottom and agitate until he experienced the ring of fire. After a while he admitted that it was burning. We both knew what would come next. Dutifully he spread his bottom cheeks whilst I whipped his ring with a thin crop. He flinched and moaned as the crop struck his bottom, stinging his flesh. After sometime he could take no more and said he wished I could put the mouthwash in his bottom. This ideal appealed to me immensely so I took him to the bathroom and filled a douche with mouthwash. I inserted the tip into his bottom and then filled him up with mouthwash. I asked him he his bottom felt and he said ‘Minty Fresh.’ I think he didn’t want to admit that it was stinging a little!

Once his bottom was full of the tingle sensation mouthwash, I slid in a latex finger and ensured he experienced a full spin cycle before I allowed him some privacy to rinse, clean out and shower.

When Harris returned to my lair of darkness freshly showered, I had him kneel doggy style, then tied a rope around his bell end and pulled it back up behind him. This technique makes my little pain slut ejaculate. I told him that this time we would finish with him ejaculating over his own bottom hole. As his dinky strained and twitched I pulled on the rope harder and my slave suddenly squirted. I told him he had a bum full of cum and he joked “Oh no! Now I am pregnant!”

I think this was our most extreme session by far and I always enjoy pushing my slave’s boundaries and helping him explore what he is able to take physically.

Do you have a kinky tip for my slave? Is there something you feel he might enjoy? Please feel free to comment below and make suggestions.

Princess Kaz